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[Buyout] Canucks terminate Virtanen’s contract

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2 hours ago, bishopshodan said:

Is there still a criminal investigation going on? or is it now a civil suit for punitive and exemplary damages? Which from what I understand ( according to google) is '  an award made not for the purpose of compensating the plaintiff but for punishing the defendant'


Edit: to answer my own question. I have read that the investigations may still be on going. An independent one by the Nucks and the Police. No criminal charges yet though. 

I’m actually not sure about that. More of a guess on my part since nothing new has been reported. I meant the general status of it all and the uncertainty of how it will impact him (and the counterpart too) in the future.

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3 minutes ago, CanadianRugby said:

Because they just drafted a dude in the 1st round that got convicted of sexual misconduct.  They also apparently tried to get Slava Voynov after he beat his wife. 

Ahhh. I'm on holidays so not really able to keep up with stuff. Poor Habs fans.

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6 minutes ago, RUPERTKBD said:

I'm just glad we didn't trade for Andreas Athanasiou.....


....I hate Ouzo...:unsure:

OMG, likewise! Liquid licorice, just not as good...and I can't stand licorice to start with.


As far as Virt goes, was there a worse kept secret in Vancouver? See ya, bud. Good luck resurrecting your career and your life.

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4 minutes ago, sassbs said:

Don’t care when he was signed. Because he was signed we didn’t have the funds to sign toffoli 

We didn't have the funds because Jake signed 10 days after Toffoli signed in Montreal? ????     We had many forwards and we needed to address our goalie and defence situation first. Jake was a fallback. If we gained some cap and signed Toffoli, then we could have traded Jake or waived him.


We didn't have the funds because of the Covid flat cap.

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4 hours ago, HC20.0 said:

Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle, and now Virtanen all gone in a week. Benning trying to fix his past mistakes.

I said last year, that we shouldn't qualify him and play hardball.


It's really unfortunate to have to do this, but he did this to himself, the team gave him every chance in the world to try and fix his issues and become the player that he is capable of being, but I think the legal issues he's facing right now from 2017, are a symptom of his mindset from the start. He's always assumed that he could float through his career and be successful without really, mentally applying himself.


The fact that his legal issues started at a team function, really sealed this and gave the Canucks no option.


Good luck in Montreal, Jake, it sounds like they might accept you there!







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2 hours ago, RakuRaku said:

Just realized there wasn't an official "Thank You Jake! " tweet unlike most other players who got bought out.... Shame after 6 years of service!! Lesson learned for other young players... If you don't behave like a real man... Crap will bite u in the ass eventually! Just ask Mr. Cosby! 

Pretty sure he got one from No5 Orange.....

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