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[Buyout] Canucks terminate Virtanen’s contract

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4 minutes ago, johngould21 said:

Tis probably the worst day of this kids young life. I'm not going to dump on him, but, I sure hope he does something productive and finds something to get on with his life. I think it's now up to Jake to make those decisions for himself, and chose wisely. Good luck, in whatever it is, whether it's a career in Europe, or another organization takes a chance with you.

I would hope that the day he got hit with the lawsuit was the worst day of his life so far.

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6 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I wish him all the best. I'm glad Benning isn't afraid to own his mistakes and make changes accordingly.

Thatcher Demko is the only one remaining from that first Benning draft. Thank god for him.


Were gonna have flops in drafts but it’s crucial we walk away from a draft with at least one impact player.

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There, JB has fixed most of his mistakes. He got us a whole new look team that we can be excited about.


If we had another bad year with the same crew, that extra year we decided to wait is going to look real bad. 


JB did what had to be done. We can at least give him credit for that.

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