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[Report] Canucks G Holtby To Be Bought Out


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6 minutes ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

Surprised that so many teams showed interest but clearly they wanted us to retain cap. 


To be honest I'd rather just keep Holtby for next season rather than buy him out. A buyout will basically still cost us 2M in cap space and we'll have to go find a UFA goalie who are mostly around 1-2M anyway. Unless JB has someone lined up who's fantastic for 1M, there's not really much point buying Holtby out.

There's a later post that points out that Holtby's buyout will only cost the Canucks $500K on the cap next season. The $1.9 million cap hit comes in 2022-23.

They'll likely be able to sign a backup for next year at well under the $3.8 million they save next season.

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Just trying to determine the reasoning here.  Maybe im seeing this wrong.  Another backup will cost $$ , so how big will the savings be.

What is the motivation?  More money for UFA?  Money for EP and Hughes?


Or have they just lost faith in him after last season?

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2 minutes ago, Maddogy said:

What is the point? I mean Canucks still need a backup, why not just keep him for another season?

Let's say the Canucks sign a $1.5 -2 million back up like Broisoit for one year... that extra $1.8 - 2.3 million could be the difference in getting an extra year of cost control for one of Petey or Hughes, or perhaps for both Garland and Dickenson. 

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4 minutes ago, WiseOne said:

So much for teams having interest.  However it sounds like every trade partner wanted salaray retention.

You mean teams weren't lining up to trade for a goalie with a 4M+ cap hit that's been under .900 sv% back-to-back years?


No wai :o

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