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[Report] Canucks G Holtby To Be Bought Out

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1 minute ago, IBatch said:

Not sure about that really.   Don't think this is the year to go all in ... and who exactly is coming in that saves us that money over the next couple of years.   If it's about RFA signings and cap then maybe it's ok.   But i'm going to be unhappy if i see QHs 8x8 or something that ridiculous.   6 x 8 ok.  Then we have to compete for a limited number of backups available in free agency.   Not like last year.    And MD is not ready. 

It's not about this season, it's about starting the process of getting to contender status........there's very few instances of zero to hero.  Most teams need 4-5 years to even get to be a serious contender.  They need to start that now

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1 minute ago, -AJ- said:

Well, sad as it is, Holtby was pretty brutal overall last year and even if we're paying more, a decent backup might be nice.

Yes.   It's still a gamble.   Doubt they'd be making this gamble if deals on the go right now didn't require more cash.   That's what this is about more then anything else.   Holtby has this season to prove that he's still a good goalie and that's it.   Personally i think he's going to do that - and would have been fine if it was with us.   

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6 minutes ago, stawns said:

It's not about this season, it's about starting the process of getting to contender status........there's very few instances of zero to hero.  Most teams need 4-5 years to even get to be a serious contender.  They need to start that now

Not sure how you got that out of what i was posting but sure - i agree, JB set the stage by clearing cap at well under market value.   Don't have any issue with that.   Even made some hints at how we could do that by acquiring Reinhardt and trading QHs.    This is just as good if not better.  


Edit:  What happens next will set the stage for the next 4-5 years for better or worse.   Nice thing is we have 10 years with EP,QHs, Podz, Hogs ... hopefully this sets the stage for a very long run of playoffs like our Linden teams had.   

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1 hour ago, Squamfan said:

Retaining 50% and trading him for nothing would have been better but we know this administration is not the brightest. That’s two contracts that Jimbo signed last year that have been bough out. Shocked that he is still here

Go back to elementary school to learn basic math…

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36 minutes ago, khay said:

Buyout cost for this year is only 500k. Next season it's 1.9M but that's next year's problem. See https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/canucks.


I would have also liked to have kept Holtby but we need to clear up cap to sign our RFAs and add to the defence.


If Schmidt is indeed to be traded, we also need to target an RHD via free agency so need to create more cap space.


With the addition of OEL, I am tempted to bring Edler back on a 2-3 mil contract. I have a memory of watching Edler-OEL as a pairing for team Sweden and they played great together (maybe it was Sochi or one of the World Championships). Long time ago but they might still have the chemistry.



Hughes-RHD (Savard or bring back Hamonic)




Trade Schmidt for help up front.


I'm also thinking Edler might circle back now that the team looks a lot better.   But doubt we pay him that much at his age.   And also doubt he's going to get that much in free agency.   Unless he goes to a desperate mediocre team.  Contenders (if Edler comes back it's also going to cost us one of Rathbone or OJ for sure) if he wants to win a cup then 750-1.5 in TB, Vegas. COL etc.    With the Sedins in house and OEL now i do think he might come back for a push this year.   Either way it will come at price. 

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1 hour ago, DownUndaCanuck said:

Surprised that so many teams showed interest but clearly they wanted us to retain cap. 


To be honest I'd rather just keep Holtby for next season rather than buy him out. A buyout will basically still cost us 2M in cap space and we'll have to go find a UFA goalie who are mostly around 1-2M anyway. Unless JB has someone lined up who's fantastic for 1M, there's not really much point buying Holtby out.

I think this off-season is about admitting some mistakes and moving on.  Learning.    Beagle, Roussel, LE, Virtanen, Holtby -- even Schmidt and Edler to some extent -- not in the future, probably all mistakes, tbh, at least for last year.  Moving on.  For a lot of us who saw most of the UFA signings as risky and Benning's asset management as his major weakness, this kind of says it all. To all the advocates of role players like Beagle, grit guys like Roussel, name brand goalies on off years, older D with "experience" (Edler) and overall love of the UFA system, this is a hint that the world has changed or was never quite as some saw it.  Amazing to think that Benning is still in charge, as this year's decisions would all have been made by a new management group lol.  Maybe he's learning, never too late. 

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33 minutes ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

Gillis took on a contender and kept adding while diminishing the team's youth and futures, he had run his curse as GM, his style lead to him exhausting the resources he had utilized to maintain contendership for the club. He did well yes in the window but not overall.


Zero issue with Aquallini being in on decisions, sitting in on negotiations etc its his toy.

I'm not sure about that.


He took a team with a lot of potential and turned it into a contender that won 2 prez trophies and a Western conference champion.


He made a lot of hard decisions, like keeping AV who was brought in by Nonis (previous regime). AV was able to turn his coaching style around 180 degrees and good on Gillis for being able to recognize AV's potential to grow as a coach. 


Yes, Gillis bared the farm but to say he took a contender isn't quite fair to him. And this is coming from someone who is blaming Gillis for not re-stocking the cupboards and causing so much pain for the fans 2015 and onwards.


Gillis did a good job building the most successful team in the Canucks history. His ultimate downfall was undervaluing the importance of the draft in the cap era.


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