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[Signing] Capitals re-sign Alex Ovechkin

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7 minutes ago, Provost said:

Yikes… I guess no discount for his final deal. 35+ contract with that term and money is nasty.


That sound is Washington’s Cup window closing…

That puts him around 20th in the League in contract caphit which is more than acceptable. The window is already closed, they will contend sure but the next few years will be fun to see how close he gets or if he can actually surpass Gretzky.

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39 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

He will be 40 when his contract expires.

And still be snipping top Cheds! This guy will be shooting pucks just as hard/accurate whens hes 45! The man an absolute BEAST!  

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The man brought them a Cup and is one of the best players in history. He deserves this.


Also no matter how old he is, the Caps can wheel him out on the PP to try and get to Gretzky. He pretty much needs 25 goals each season, or more realistically, 40-30-20-20-20

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1 hour ago, You Mad Bro? said:

He will need to average 32.8 goals for 5 seasons to break the record. Just an FYI. Gonna be fun to watch. 

I know the math lol. Historically he’s been averaging 45.6/season. Out of his 16 seasons in the league he only scored 32 goals twice, 33 once and 38 once. The rest is all over 40 at least. I would say, safe money is on him breaking the record.

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2 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

He will be 40 when his contract expires.

He looks like that contract is already expiring.  Lol


Love Ovi.  Only team/player I cheered for other than the Canucks on their run to the cup.  Will push him well over 100m earned as a player and first ballot HOF.  Congrats to a legend.  There will never be a celebration better than the summer of Ovi.


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Posters " Why didn't he take a cut to make the team competitive"


No poster at work tomorrow "Hey boss cut my salary, and spread the money around, it'll make the company more competitive"

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3 hours ago, Jimmy McGill said:

holy crap thats a lot of money for 35-40. But it's OV. But still, holy crap. 

Exactly my thoughts. He's still a good player today but logic dictates the last couple of years will be overpayment.


With that said, I get it. He's basically the face of the franchise and if he left they would immediately lose their identity. Overpayment or not, it was probably a necessary signing.

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