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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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4 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

We weren't forced to accommodate him though. We could have played him and traded him to a contender for a better return at the trade deadline. Hopefully Benning has some reliable d-men in mind to replace him. Right now we have Myers and Bowey.

If the guy wants out, you don't bring them back in. It is not good for the room and how motivated would the player would play for the team? 

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1 minute ago, MikeBossy said:

Yeah I am a Benning supporter but was not a fan of the whole "we will match any offer sheet" comment


Petey be like 


SGEM Xtra: Money, Money, Money It's A Rich Man's World – In the House of  Medicine | The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

Maybe he's trying to jbait Seattle into doing 10.2M+ for their four 1sts.

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This is a “win” in some people’s eyes… not sure how it is better than a wash or downgrade.


Last year there was no money in the whole league and Vegas was in dire straits.  Folks crowed over Benning getting the player for just a 3rd (when the rest of the league wouldn’t take him without Vegas retaining salary).

Now the same people are growing over Benning’s genius of managing to salvage a 3rd round pick and the cap space back even though we aren’t in a cap crunch and money is easier to move around the league.


My slight hope on the Arizona deal is turning into dread about what the next few days are going to look like.  

We can’t sign free agents without exposing ourselves to offer sheets on the RFAs we need to sign…. What good is extra cap space right now when we don’t know what our salary structure is going to be?


At this point wait until the losers on upgrading D through free agency need a plan B and look to Schmidt.

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14 minutes ago, Dixon Ward said:

Dillon is only 3.9 for 3 years with no Trade protection.  Getting someone to take on 5.95 for 4 with protection was likely harder to move.

I understand.  I think the deal is fair, it's what we paid after all.  I would have been disappointed with less.  I was just hoping for a little more.

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2 minutes ago, grandmaster said:

I loved all the moves JB has done this off season so far except for this. I don’t care how some of you look at Schmidt as being redundant in his style of play. He is worth more than a 3rd as a bona fide top 4 D man. I would have kept him. Only way I would be ok with this is if he went after another big fish like Dougie Hamilton. 

You’d keep a sourpuss in the dressing room at this stage of Horvat & Miller’s prime?  We gotta start making noise in the playoffs now or Horvat is gonna bolt after Miller’s trade demand comes forth and I’m not sure having that big of a media circus all year is very conducive on that front.  Just look at JT Miller’s body language to start last season.  He was pissed that we didn’t re-sign TT and Tanev.  He saw another wasted year of his prime.  Teammates talk and I’m sure Horvat was thinking the same things.  That sentiment was festering and Schmidt didn’t offset those two losses.  Not moving on from a bad fit would only fuel those sentiments.  Benning has to fix this quickly or this $&!# is gonna go off the rails and it’s gonna have a snowball effect.

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5 minutes ago, RWJC said:

Everybody keeps saying saying he’d worth more than a 3rd.


No, he’s not. 
Because after shopping him since the exit interviews ended, its been concluded that a 3rd rounder in a good draft is fair current market value whether any of us likes it or not. 

Can't say you're wrong.


He's been traded at full cap for a 3rd twice now.


But again, this is a guy that can perform like a #2/3 if he finds his form.


Unless Benning has an impact player lined up somehow to replace him, it just makes a lot more sense to keep him and hope he bounces back.


OEL - Schmidt would be an incredible pairing if they both find their stride. 

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5 minutes ago, Dixon Ward said:

Don't forget the 6 million in FA.  Nobody suggested Schenn is an upgrade, he has nothing to do with Schmidt being traded.

I get worried when Jim Benning goes in big via free agency.  It's how we got Loui Eriksson in the first place.

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