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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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10 minutes ago, Rush17 said:

Episode 1 Slow Clap GIF by One Chicago


On Jim Benning being nimble, quick on his feet and flexible. That is refreshing. Take it as a loss and move on.

No loss. He gave up a 3rd to VGK he recouped it from WPG.


Tried it out. Didn't fit so move on in different direction. 

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1 minute ago, timberz21 said:

Wonder why is was so important to trade him tonight?  

Are the Canucks making a push for a big UFA?   That’s urgency can’t be for EP and QH only.  

That is the scary part to me… in a vacuum it would be much smarter to wait a couple days and see who all the losers are in the big name defence sweepstakes…. They will need to find a plan B where Schmidt could hold more value because of more suitors.


What is the reason to do it now?  UFA plans?  Perey/Hughes long term deals about to be announced?  Planning on matching a huge offer sheet that will handcuff the team’s salary structure for years?  Just random “bird in the hand” thinking when a deal presented itself?

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1 minute ago, AlwaysACanuckFan said:

I actually didn't mind him and his character, but perhaps he felt his character ( like a clown) wasn't the right fit in the dressing room.

Or the room thought it wasn't right for them. Hence Holtby having to tell him tone it down in middle of season. 

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16 minutes ago, Provost said:

This is a “win” in some people’s eyes… not sure how it is better than a wash or downgrade.


Last year there was no money in the whole league and Vegas was in dire straits.  Folks crowed over Benning getting the player for just a 3rd (when the rest of the league wouldn’t take him without Vegas retaining salary).

Now the same people are growing over Benning’s genius of managing to salvage a 3rd round pick and the cap space back even though we aren’t in a cap crunch and money is easier to move around the league.


My slight hope on the Arizona deal is turning into dread about what the next few days are going to look like.  

We can’t sign free agents without exposing ourselves to offer sheets on the RFAs we need to sign…. What good is extra cap space right now when we don’t know what our salary structure is going to be?


At this point wait until the losers on upgrading D through free agency need a plan B and look to Schmidt.

We certainly were in a cap crunch trying to sign Petey and Hughes. Dickenson and a back up goalie. Without that extra 6 mil, money would have been very tight. 


Especially if someone offer sheets petey. Benning wouldn't have been able to spend any of the extra cap on free agents because management wouldn't be exactly sure how much money would be needed to sign the big two.


This gives much more flexibility and now Jim can make a couple signings before Petey if need be 

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29 minutes ago, ChuckNORRIS4Cup said:

But... but....but.... Benning said he's not being traded....I thought it was all made up fake media hype though.... 

A GM won't tell the press that a player wants to leave, unless he will get a better deal. Nothing the GM says in public is the honest truth. 


But at least he is following through on what he said, being aggressive, using buyouts, trade, etc.  Everything on the table. 

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