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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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12 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

One minute here was here, the next he was gone..  


I wonder whether he actually asked to leave after one season, or whether there was pressure from management for him to move on, maybe even a bit of both


Just didn't strike me as the character to give up on a team after one season 


yeah its really hard to say. I guess something may come out later in the summer. 


Nothing not to like about Nate, if he was a right shot he might still be here. 

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4 minutes ago, BPA said:

Let's  see...


EP - $7M x 4yr bridge

QH - $6M x 3yr bridge

Hamonic - $2M x 3yr

Schenn - $1M x 2yr

Dickinson - $2.25 x 3yr

OJ - $1M x 2yr

Halak - $2M x 1yr




Total = $21.5M 


Approx $9M left to get a RHD or other.  Maybe less if EP and QH get a bigger salary for a long term contract. 


Quinn will cost $7M, EP will cost $7.5M, so we're down $7.5M than there's Dickinson who will cost at least $500,000 more, so that's $7M. I think we may be a destination for David Savard, which is a great after recouping that draft pick. We gain a better player who is more suitable for the position and we get a pick back. So far I've been pleased with this off season, especially a long-term contract for another top six forward. 


I think if they're re-signing Hamonic though it'll be with the expectation that he's better next year. I've got to say, the Islanders got a hell of a haul for the player for what he actually brings. 



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Just now, khay said:

Not a fan of the trade if the return is only a 2nd rounder.


Was hoping for a 2nd rounder at the minimum or 3rd rounder + prospect.

we moved nearly 6 mil and didn't have to pay for it in a flap cap situation. 

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Just now, Jaimito said:

A GM won't tell the press that a player wants to leave, unless he will get a better deal. Nothing the GM says in public is the honest truth. 


But at least he is following through on what he said, being aggressive, using buyouts, trade, etc.  Everything on the table. 

This site :picard:

beating a dead horse wtf GIF

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7 minutes ago, Provost said:

That does seem to be what the D is shaping up to be… though we are still in tough to sign two of those players just to get to a subpar defence.


I know you can’t fix a team overnight, but we sure have a long way to go as it stands.

I’m pretty sure OEL will be a major improvement but the rest does come from internal improvement of Hughes, Joulevi, Rathbone and maybe Bowey.  Overall it’s not a major jump in improvement but I think it’s a better mix overall.

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5 minutes ago, Millerdraft said:

Or, find yourself without a trading partner because of musical chairs being filled up with other UFA Dmen and no one left with cap room to fit him in.  Now you’re in a position whereby you have to retain salary AND work around Schmidt’s NTC veto rights…

… then you keep him.  

We don’t have a ready made replacement so there isn’t a burning need to move him.  He is a pro and you just tell him to perform so he is easier to move.   

Beyond that, there is no “filling up” of all the musical chairs when it comes to NHL D.  That game has way more chairs than there are bodies to fill them, even more so with Seattle taking a bunch from teams.  Always teams wanting to upgrade their D and not many D around to do it.

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6 minutes ago, PositionOfPower said:

So he ok's winnipeg instead of vancouver to live in aside from hockey reasons wow their must of been some disconnect between him and team or green. Felt he was less ethuastic near the end.

Honestly I take last season with a grain of salt. Many things didn’t work out for the team. I wouldn’t judge anyone for being less enthusiastic at the end of the season. It was a grind interrupted by covid. It just flat out sucked for the Canucks 

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Not a bad return, considering any GM could’ve potentially argued that his value depreciated this past year. 

Still, the glaring fact here is that JB is essentially betting on OEL and his contract over NM and his. We’ll see how this ages. 

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We didn't need the cap space here, but it's nice.  What we needed was to adjust the right side of our D.  Sometimes it's not about winning the trade but doing what's needed to improve the team.  In this case, we've broken even and now have the chance to get the kind of pieces we actually need on the right side.  So far, so good.

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I’m not sure I like it, but I’m glad it’s done. I think if ego’s could have been kept in check there may have been a better fit afte the bigger UFA dmen get signed, or at the trade deadline. That being said, he wanted out, we recouped our pick and he is now stuck in Winnipeg. Benning has made some huge moves this season, I’m hoping for a couple of very good small ones to round this out. 
1 - Sign Petey and Hughes to deals that are at least reasonable if not team friendly. 
2 - sign a decent backup goalie for cheap so we don’t expose Mikey D too much or risk everything on a Demko injury

3 - sign Schenn and either Hamonic or ideally someone better than Hamonic that plays the right side. 

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2 minutes ago, khay said:

Not a fan of the trade if the return is only a 2nd rounder.


Was hoping for a 2nd rounder at the minimum or 3rd rounder + prospect.

Why would anyone trade us more than what we paid for him one season ago, when his value dropped. It's actually quite stunning that Jimbo was able to come out of this one even-steven... 

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