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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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Just now, Steven Stamkos said:

All we got him for and he’s leaving us for similar reasons he left Vegas. 

A real GM would have got a 1st and a prospect for him don't ya know :emot-parrot:


Anytime you can get a wash in a trade and clear the cap space I am happy

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6 minutes ago, greenbean30 said:

Hmm thought he had already declined to go to the Jets?

Benning:  "Well, you know, our hands are tied, and you know, if you decide to you know, stay, your stall will be next to Miller's all season". 

Schmidt:  "One way ticket to Winnipeg please". 

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This is a good thing, and not just because he apparently didn't want to be here.  We needed to re-jig our defense to have more true RD and stay-at-home types to complement the puck movers on the left side.  And we needed to clear space now in advance of free agency.  This is a good move that sets us up for tomorrow.

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I like the Jets so I'm ok with that return - to a team like Vegas I wouldn't cut that deal.


He'll be a good fit there imo.


If 'we' have something else in the works - this makes sense - if not - I'm not sure it does, unless there is something more to it / a burning bridge.


I like the way the guy plays the game - not particularly fond of his personality - but whatever - we need a hard to play against RHD to eat his minutes.  His versatility is better than a placeholder, but a legitimate, heavier RHD is necessary in the end - so let's see what the team makes of that cap space.

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1 minute ago, Mike Vanderhoek said:

I understand cap space is a premium but a bit of a gut punch there hmm.

It’s also crunch time to fill the hole though.  The direction of the team was set when the OEL trade went down.  We gotta fill two RHD tomorrow 

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1 minute ago, redhdlois said:

He must have really hated Vancouver lol

He’s just a good guy. It was reported he didn’t want to waive to Winnipeg. Won’t be much different there for media etc. Just sucky place to live

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