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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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1 minute ago, dm_ranger said:

With Dillion worth two 2nds I was hoping for a little more for Nate.


Hope it works out for him, and hope we get some RFA signings done with the cap space.

Well he came here for one season and was disgruntled and had a 10 team NTC so he wasn't the easiest asset to move - not sure Dillion came with the same baggage

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lol... so much for denying rumors Schmidt requested trade. Cough Benning and Schmidt. Jets have lots of room to improve their D, a 3rd is all they are willing to pay? Cheapskates! I guess the league runs by, this is how much you originally got Schmidt for though. 



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3 minutes ago, DontMessMe said:

Eh it was pretty much: Remain in Vancouver or go to Peg. Guess he hated Vancouver. 

No he could of easily said no. He helped facilitate the trade. If anything he would have felt unwanted 

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1 minute ago, kanucks25 said:

Things gotta be pretty bad for someone to accept a trade to Winnipeg just to leave your situation.



A team that has gone farther in the playoffs then we have and a fan base which actually supports their team - whats not to love.

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