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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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11 minutes ago, ShawnAntoski said:

Yup - buy in or get shipped to Siberia.


Kidding aside, in time he will disclose the reason for leaving the Canucks.

Never liked Schmidt. Holtby had to tell him to curb his enthusiasm down a bit. 

I think it’s Vegas cocaine but what do I know.

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Conspiracies everywhere these days..

People looking to blame, scold, hang, fire..


Im sure Nate “what’s his face” is happier, It was a good trade for both teams.


when you want to clear Cap space,  start at the bottom..  

include “what’s his face” with LE, Rousell, Beagle and others ..

 Benning did a fine job grabbing Poolman when he did..

enter Mr Burroughs..   

Whats his face is click bait for conspiracies now, I don’t care about his feelings.

Chucky is dead.

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My take on it is the same for every player, (Not saying this was an issue with Nate or not)

If you sign on with a team and are paid well from them and happen to be one of the better (paid) players, then don't be upset if they put you where your scoring chances are less and needed- Your pay is still the same, Everyone knew our D was weak last year

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Here is a hot take, 


Schmidt is rebounding and being used much differently, OEL is doing the same here.  

OEL or Schmidt… can’t have both, with the 12.5 retained… better or worse than last year?  Or Poolman at his price tag vs Schmidt at his in the same deployment? 

Myers vs Schmidt… Can’t have both… 


After last season, JB did yeomans work reworking to roster that Green is still adjusting too.  IMO, if a quick change happens, first kids will get sent down, message sent, a bench? Maybe, but could explode and backfire.  

so Green is on the hot seat… JB will get that option to use because he did fantastic work this off season, but a practice or two and some team player only meetings at home, this could turn around very quickly and that’s not unreasonable.  

Cool your jets people… early games… contracts… 

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