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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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I loved all the moves JB has done this off season so far except for this. I don’t care how some of you look at Schmidt as being redundant in his style of play. He is worth more than a 3rd as a bona fide top 4 D man. I would have kept him. Only way I would be ok with this is if he went after another big fish like Dougie Hamilton. 

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7 minutes ago, Drakrami said:

lol... so much for denying rumors Schmidt requested trade. Cough Benning and Schmidt. Jets have lots of room to improve their D, a 3rd is all they are willing to pay? Cheapskates! I guess the league runs by, this is how much you originally got Schmidt for though. 



Just because he was traded, does not mean he asked for a trade.


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2 minutes ago, johngould21 said:

JB's moving out guys for $$$$, to get the players that want to play here, and to get players tomorrow to be a part of this team. That leaves about $25M if I'm not mistaken to sign EP, and QH. Plus two righty D's and more forward depth.

$26M cap space and I think also Ferland $3.5M LTIR money.

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Just now, King Heffy said:

Same price we gave up after a brutal season.  Either Benning bent over Vegas for the initial trade or he got pretty decent value here.



A 3rd was an incredible price for Schmidt, Benning's best trade by far.


Even after a tough year, Schmidt is worth more than a 3rd.


Unless he desperately wanted out, I hoped we would keep him. His value to us if he has a bounce back season is obviously much higher than a 3rd.

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