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[Trade] Canucks trade Nate Schmidt to Jets for 2022 3rd-round pick

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Just now, kanucks25 said:

Then why did we trade for said albatross just a year ago lol

for 1.5m more than Hughes' perfect D partner too!? These buyouts and Schmidt return just make me laugh, team has no idea what it is doing and the GM is just doing as the owner says...no other reason how he still has a job otherwise imo. Wish we kept the guy, but glad his whiney american ass is of our team if he didn't want to be here to play OEL or something good riddance Mr. Woop Woop, can we now get Tryamkin...his #88 is available again haha!

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2 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

Vegas had to clear cap because just they signed Pietrangelo and were too far over the cap.


This is a totally different situation.

Doesn't matter whether the analogy fits.

What matters is what the team does with that cap space.


I'm gonna wait until I see who takes his minutes until I decide whether I like this deal or not.

The people who made this deal - have a far better idea of the answer to that question than I do.


I'd have traded Schmidt for the right RHD - if we now sign or acquire one....

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Just now, bigbadcanucks said:

Prolly been said already, but in case...If Schmidt didn't like Vancouver, most certainly he isn't going to like Winnipeg.  I'm from Winnipeg and the best thing about Winnipeg was leaving.

In all fairness he will only be there half the season rest of the time he will be on the road :P 

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3 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

He wants out. I don't care how much he might be worth, he wants out. He gets out. 

Wrong. He stays unless JB gets an offer he can’t refuse and he should have refused this one. Like I said I would only be ok with it if we got another legitimate top 4 D as a replacement…..otherwise all the moves this off season will be meaningless. 

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Disappointed but not surprised by the low ball offer (and acceptance), as the term, cap hit, and Benning dealing from a position of weakness were always going to be factors, but the good news is that we now have an extra 5.95 million to play with.  

Benning will likely need to bring out the knee pads and Leipsic in order to convince one of Savard or Hakanpaa to sign with us, but either one of those guys would help us quite a bit.  

My guess is that Hamonic will go to the Oilers.  

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This I believe was needed for both sides. But I care way more about the Nucks side.


I do believe Schmidt will have a bounce back year, and this year was more of an anomaly. I like how he plays. Always working, smart, positionally sound. Good passer. 


But for his 6 mil cap hit? When we have 7.2 for OEL. 6 for Myesy bo Bysey. And what's coming for Quin. There isn't that much room in the cap with our forwards.  In addition to that, we have a very similar group of Dmen. We need a change and get some "heft" in there! 


Getting a turd back and replenishing some picks is great too. Now we can focus on the Big 2 extensions. 


Getter done Jimmy Boy!  And good luck to Nate, seemed like a pretty likeable guy


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Just now, Mustard Tiger said:

Man aggressive JB is awesome. SOO much better then passive sit and wait then get the old leftovers. What sucks is its getting more and more obvious EP gonna get overpaid. If he signs an offersheet.. lol... Will be interesting to see that play out 

Yeah I am a Benning supporter but was not a fan of the whole "we will match any offer sheet" comment


Petey be like 


SGEM Xtra: Money, Money, Money It's A Rich Man's World – In the House of  Medicine | The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine

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1 minute ago, coryberg said:

I'd rather have a 3rd and 5.9 million in cap space on the eve of free agency over a guy who doesn't want to play for my team.

Not to mention if he plays like he did last year, he'll have negative value when you try to move him next offseason.

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