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[Discussion] RHD available on the UFA market

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Bring Hamonic back, thats 1 defenseman. 


Other than that these guys don't excite me. Schenn shouldn't be an everyday guy.


If Jake McCabe can play the right side then I don't mind him, otherwise might have to explore the trade market if there's anything out there. 

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I like bold Benning. Don’t know how well will work out but keep being bold. 
He already took a swing. Might as well keep swinging.  Cap room is commodity. 
Hamilton and Hakinpaa. haha. 
The Pacific could be awful this year. 

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59 minutes ago, IjustNEEDaTROYgamble said:

With Schmidt traded out and no RHD coming back it’s clear Canucks will be looking tomorrow for maybe 2 and at least 1 

The RHD available 

Jani Hakanpaa 

Zach Bogosian 

Luke Schenn 

Sami Vatanen

Michael Stone 

Cody Ceci


which 2 or 1 should the Canucks sign?

personally Hakanpaa and Bogosian would be good options and Hakanpaa would be a good long term option to be middle or bottom pairing for $2 Million a year. 

Vatanen could be had on a cheap one year but I think he’s too washed up.  

Ryan Murray could probably be had on a very good long term low cap deal due to his injury history.  He has a pretty good two way shut down game when healthy.  Bogosian, Stone, and Ceci all suck and so pass.  

Schenn will be our 6th or 7th dman.  

Hamilton is all but confirmed for NJ.


My hope is that we go hard after one of Hakanpaa or Savard and land him.  Rathbone can possibly used as a trading chip for piece up front.





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14 minutes ago, Smashian Kassian said:

Hamilton might want 8M x 7... I don't know about that.


I like him but Colton Parayko might be a better fit next offseason. 

Parayko would be a perfect fit for Hughes.  Manson is a close 2nd.

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3 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Hakanpaa and Hamonic please.

that names sounds like you sneezed when saying Hamonic.


Seems like an interesting choice, I wonder if he'll make it to free agency? apparently Carolina is looking at DeAngelo (:blink:) so maybe that signals some changes there. 

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5 minutes ago, King Heffy said:

Parayko would be a perfect fit for Hughes.  Manson is a close 2nd.


Would be great to get either of them now, we just don't have any assets.


As much as I'm optimistic about OEL, starting to think our defense will look worse (on paper) than last season.

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45 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

Jake McCabe I assume, Brian McCabe is hella old and retired now

Well that's embarrassing, I never drop the ball on names :wacko:


With that said, yes I'd be stoked if we signed Jake! 

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