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[Speculation] Ryan Getzlaf to sit on offer from the Ducks' while testing free agency tomorrow: LeBrun

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Getzlaf has been in a loving, committed relationship for 15 years. Recently another party has said "ya I'd have a go at you". Now he can't get the thought of scoring with another team out of his head. Only knowing one team his whole life, he's really just curious to test out the fit of a new team and see how something different feels.  




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2 hours ago, Teemu Selänne said:





2 hours ago, Wayne Glensky said:

1x1 lets go 


So Ducks have made him an offer. !00% it's north of 2 mill even at 1 year. 

Ryan Getzlaf even at 36 yrs old is still worth a 2.5 x 1 or even 3 x 1.   2.5 x 2?
I'd have no problem giving this 6'3 230lbs, 3-4th line Centre that for his services.



let's goooooo:towel:

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7 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Damn Getzlaf is an e4 to either Montreal or Boston...  :sadno:

So he’s not going there then!


Lots of insiders picking the Oilers if he leaves Anaheim.


Hopefully Jim at least pokes around and kicks some tires on him.

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way more interesting than 




but please, before considering a 3C, could we 

Sign Pettersson

Sign Hughes

Sign a Dman (Savard, or at least Hamonic)

Sign a backup


Annnnnd after that, circle back to this 3C spot with what is left in cap.


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