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[Signing] Canucks re-sign Brandon Sutter

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6 minutes ago, RakuRaku said:

I think he had better luck with his health and conditioning last season as opposed to prior ones... $1M is a huge bargain for his experience, leadership, face-offs, PK.... if he can play 80%+ of next season, we'll be blessed!

Yeah, I did notice the extra effort he was putting on every shift; and I surmise, that he was playing for a contract.  Moving forward, JB should stick to signing him to 1 yr deals, given his past history (imo).

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44 minutes ago, Maginator said:

For 1M hes a steal. He was one of the few bright spots last season. Welcome back Sutts.

Imo and  given his 6 years of underwhelming performance - this contract is well earned & deserved.

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1 hour ago, Roger Neilsons Towel said:

$1 mil x 1 is a great deal for Sutter to Centre the 4th line. Says a lot about him to take such a low contract to stay with the team in a reduced role like that. He knows he's made a lot of money from us the last few years and not necessarily lived up to his contract, so for him to give back to the team like that is very respectable on his part.


Great post, dude is a diamond.


1 hour ago, combover said:

Lame. Another soft bottom six forward. 
so much for being tougher to play against loading up on minis and buttercups

Mans is on a one year deal being paid 1M to be eat heavy defensive minutes, win faceoffs effectively, be an important part of our PK, provide leadership and be an example of what a professional looks like for our younger players, and you're fussing about it? &^@#ing for real? 


Dude's taking a smaller role, a significant pay-cut, and doing it when he could most certainly get more term and dollars as a UFA elsewhere. The &^@# are you on about? 

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