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[Signing] Canucks sign Tucker Poolman

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15 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Would still like to add another top 4 D man.


Poolman can fill the role that Benn did the last couple years.


The way I see things now.


OEL - UFA/Trade

Hughes Hamonic

Rathbone Myers


Juolevi Poolman


Need a better top 4 guy IMO

we aren't paying 2.5m for a D who doesn't play top 6

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2 minutes ago, AV. said:

Respectfully, what the &^@# are you talking about?


He listed his D pairings as

Hughes - UFA

OEL - Hamonic

Rathbone - Myers

Juolevi - Poolman


I told him that we did not just spend 4 x 2.5M on a 7th/8th D hence he should expect Poolman to play in that "UFA" spot in the top 4.


I don't why you're bringing up the fact that 6 D play at all times when that has literally nothing to do what's being discussed.


Reading is hard, I know, so I hope this helps.

I was just wondering and helping 

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Sooo what we've got on the left:

OEL, Hughes, Juolevi

On the right:
Hamonic, Poolman, Myers

Going to reserve judgement on Poolman til we see him in a few games, and gonna try to find some Winnipeg footage. But if he can block shots and be a solid stay at home guy, this excites me

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1 minute ago, Bure_Pavel said:

Not signing both Petey and Hughes to long term contracts would be a huge mistake imo. 

Yet it’s exactly what they’ve been discussing.


Hughes should absolutely be on a bridge deal unless he’s willing to sign for 6-7 long term now.


Pettersson would be great to get long term but I doubt his agent feels that way. Much more potential for him to earn 9+ in a few years.

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14 minutes ago, AV. said:

Regardless, they felt fit to spend assets to replace the likes of Poolman.  That obviously doesn't speak too well to how they viewed Poolman as a top 4 option.

How so? Just because a UFO is sighted doesn't mean there's aliens. Just because Poolman left doesn't mean they didn't value his services.

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2 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Remaining cap based on what?


Projections that no one actually knows?

Im guessing 8.5 X 7 years for Petey

7.5 X 7 Years for Hughes 

Dickinson still needs to be signed 

Dont know where we are going to come up with an extra 3 million to sign a Dman better than Poolman. 

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Just now, N7Nucks said:

Not a fan of this for 2.5mil per, really makes me wish we kept Stecher. Oh well. What's done is done, we were in desperate need for RHD. We got one.

I was pretty tired of watching stetcher being flicked away like a bug.  We have Hughes for that now

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3 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I don't see what we have left to trade.

Depends on which teams miss out who which guys. Myers only has a modified NTC, with only three years left he could theoretically be moved out if we were to find another RD management felt they'd rather have. 


He's not nearly as worthless as some Canucks fans make him out to be. 

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