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[Signing] Canucks sign Tucker Poolman

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Just now, kloubek said:

That's a long term for a guy who doesn't have great stats and will be expected to play a key role. I'm sure Benning feels there is untapped potential there, but for 1 extra million I would have FAR preferred Savard.


1st pairing RHD : Harmonic

2nd pairing RHD  Myers

3rd pairing RHD  Poolman or Rathbone.


depends on how good Rathbone is. If Rathbone is ready to go he will play on the third pairing and Poolman being the 7 D-Man

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2 minutes ago, stawns said:

Poolman is a solid, 200ft dman.  He played well in every jets game I watched.  If he doesn't fit, that's an easily tradeable contract.


Absolutely no reason to cry about it, but I guess the usual suspects have a quota they have to fill

Agree 100% with this. The whiners gonna whine.

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5 minutes ago, Johnny Torts said:

We needed a big body Defensive D that plays a rough game and can help Hughes and Rathbone. Good deal.


Relax SN650, its a 4x2.5M not a 6x6


oh no sigh GIF by BBC



he had 2pim in 39 gp, is that a player who plays a rough tough game? He must be damn good at avoid penalties if that is the case

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2 minutes ago, Seguin said:

My only issue with this is, could he not have been had for cheaper?


Signings like this make it seem like Jim called his agent, offered him 4x2.5 and Tucker and his agent is laughing under their mask

A tad high. $2M x 4yr would have been good.  But we don't know of the competing offers.

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