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[Signing] Canucks sign Tucker Poolman

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4 minutes ago, Beary Sweet said:

Solid signing. Always liked his game when he was with the Jets. Played a solid defensively sound game and very effective in his own zone. Can chip in offensively as well. He has the potential to be a Tanev like player and still rather young

1pt in 39 gp, don't hold your breath on that offensive help...

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1 minute ago, Wolfgang Durst said:


1st pairing RHD : Harmonic

2nd pairing RHD  Myers

3rd pairing RHD  Poolman or Rathbone.


depends on how good Rathbone is. If Rathbone is ready to go he will play on the third pairing and Poolman being the 7 D-Man

Wait... what? Doesn't Rathbone play on the left side?


Hughes Hamonic

OEL Poolman

Rathbone/OJ Myers

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9 minutes ago, gurn said:

This place:


Oh terrible signing, way too much.                                    Then in  thesame damn post            they admit "don't know much about him".


Can't comment on him                                                       Then in the same damn post            but reminds me of other bad deals.



I didn't know much about Tim Schaller either but it seemed high then....

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2 minutes ago, PhillipBlunt said:

All the same, I have to see how it plays out. 

Honestly I ain’t going to whine about this until I see him play. Could turn out to be a bargain. Or we cry cause he makes 2.5 lol not a big deal imo 

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