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[Signing] Canucks sign Brady Keeper

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1 minute ago, BtueyCanuckFan said:

Another big RHD, played last year for Florida

Played 1 game. 3 NHL games in total. Only 1 full AHL year. 

Odd signing on a 1 way deal. 

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Another player I know little to nothing about.


Seems like he can skate well though.  Bit of a mean streak to him.  Nice low cost signing.


Time will tell!

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Chatfield is probably leaving, so Benning is re-stocking the Abbotsford D as well  (Hunt, Keeper)  Love that they're giving this kid a shot, wish him well.

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8 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

I remember he was a feel good story when he signed with Florida. Hopefully fills a big role in Utica and as depth for the big club. 

or Abbotsford? ;)

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8 minutes ago, EternalCanuckFan said:

One way deal.  Interesting.


I don't see Schenn being confirmed but given how everything else played out, I'm guessing that's not happening anymore.

One way deal??? no way! just no way!!!! for a guy nobody has ever sniffed or heard of???

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