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[Signing] Canucks sign Luke Schenn

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2 hours ago, Kenny Blankenship said:

It’s very naive to think no one would claim OJ. Someone would take him without a doubt. 

but it's not without a doubt. I'm not the only one who's cast doubt on it. 

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20 hours ago, tas said:

they protected him because they couldn't acquire a better dman through trade prior to expansion. they didn't use him as a sweetener, presumably, because there wasn't a deal where it was requested. you re-sign him (though they haven't, and every time Jim talks about the contracts they need to sign, juolevi is an afterthought) because he's still an asset, so why wouldn't you? 

They protected him because he has more value to the Canucks than to any other team. If a team claimed Juo, the Canucks will be without a cheap defenseman that looks like he is about to play the NHL full time.


There is no sense in getting rid of him because he is extremely cheap on the salary cap.

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