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[Trade] Coyotes trade Darcy Kuemper to Avalanche for Conor Timmins, 2022 1st-round pick, conditional 2024 3rd-round pick

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4 hours ago, oldnews said:

Damn this.  Timmins is a young defenseman I've wanted for some time.


And I very rarely doubt the work of Sakic, but that seems like panic value paid for Kuemper  - with one year of term....(after losing Grubauer).


It looks like GMs closed ranks somewhat in icing out Ron Francis - but he adjusted, and gameplanned it better than I think a lot of people perceive to this point.


He retained a lot of leverage when teams wouldn't pony up up front - seems to have played a strong role in setting the market for defensemen high, and then used his cap space (which he still has 16 million of) to poach a few of the better UFAs who hit free agency.   And he's still poised to have the kind of leverage that very few teams do.

Seattle isn't going to be a pushover. We'll see if they get any scoring outside of the their top 6 but they are a team we need to worry about. It annoys me that our division has to deal with two recent expansion teams that are this good out of the gate. 

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From my viewpoint....


This Kuemper deal cost Colorado as much as we paid to...


Acquire OEL

Acquire Garland

Dump Eriksson

Dump Roussel

trade Beagle haha

and get retention on OEL...


For me - I might have dealt the 9OA, 2nd for Timmins,1st and 3rd.....


Not to mention that they got only one year of term on Kuemper in this deal.





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On 7/29/2021 at 4:49 AM, FlyLow_ said:

At what point is it tanking? I thought the league was no longer tolerating that?


Oh right, it's Bettman's favorite team.

I think this was Arizona’s best trade / move in many years. Absolute steal and a pure hockeydeal, which we don’t see in AZ too often.

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Kuemper played well the last 2-3 seasons but can he carry a bigger load? Yes the team was crap but that defence has the likes of OEL and Chychrun playing in it, far from the worst in the league.


Seems like they gave up a lot, Timmins who could have gone in the late 1st round and is developing nicely and then another 1st round pick and maybe a 3rd as well. Seems like a lot for a 31 year goalie who's never really played >40 games.

Sakic was desperate though, we'll see if it pays off.

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On 7/28/2021 at 4:57 PM, Dixon Ward said:

So you give up your Vezina quality goalie who's 29 for a 31 year old goalie who costs you a 1st, a good young RHD over 1.4 mil?  


I am totally baffled by Sakic's move here. 


Also, Kuemper is a UFA next year and will likely want more money after a year of being the starter of a good team.

Sakics' analytics department disagrees with your assessment(s) of this trade.


Kidding aside: I do agree, that this is one trade were I think he acted from a position of need - Av's are in win mode.   

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I actually really like AZs direction here.  They have an abundance of draft currency in 2022… (amassing a COL 1st and SIX 2nd round picks which should see all kinds of missed talent become available after the pandemic season.  


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I can see why Avs didn't want to give Gru the contract Seattle did. He's been injured a lot, and playing behind an elite team likely boosted his numbers quite a bit. I suspect Kuemper may be an even better goalie for them.


But there's no doubt Sakic got himself in a jam, and had to overpay to secure a good starter with not many options. I mean, the Vezina winner was just traded for nothing, and Nedelkovic not much more. This seems extreme by comparison.

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