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[Signing] Stars sign Jani Hakanpaa

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I was hopeful that we would have a shot at signing Hakanpaa but oh well. 


If we were in on him, it would have been great but perhaps he/his family didn't want to play in a Canadian market. 


Still some decent options that are still hunting for jobs after a wild ride to start Free Agency and with the approach that I am sure we are utilizing with our big club and Abbotsford, there will still be some healthy competition to fight for defense jobs. 

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2 minutes ago, kanucks25 said:

I'm just gonna assume the Finnish connection /tax situation in Dallas enticed him to sign for less and let this one go :D

I wonder if Canucks management never thought he'd sign this low? 

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Solid deal for the Stars. $1.5M is a good price for a 3rd pair defensive D, especially over 3 years.


Even though Poolman's contract is richer, I still like it better for the following reasons:


- Poolman is one year removed from a 25 point pace season. There's potential for him to replicate or surpass his offensive totals, depending on his deployment. Hakanpaa's offensive potential is minimal, even in the European leagues.

- Hakanpaa would strictly be a 3rd pair defenseman with PK proficiency. The way Greener and Baumer deploy their lines, they go for utility more so then actual defined roles. Poolman has displayed more versatility playing match-up with Morrisey (to mixed results) as well as 3rd pair duties with Stanley (who  helped shut down Edmonton's offense in the POs)

- The extra year of Poolman's contract bypasses Myers' contract. He'll essentially take his role at that point at less than half the cost, provided Myers isn't moved or bought out before than. Essentially, he is Myers insurance. 


With all that said, this is a solid move for the stars who needed a dependable defenseman at a reasonable contract deal, especially with Heiskenen's new deal and Klingberg's deal about to expire. 

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Just from the size and RH standpoint, sure we could have saved a $1M getting this guy over Poolman... but if you watch Poolman closely, he does offer more upside IF he can bounce back next season!! so..... JB is rolling his dice again hoping he can get some luck again with Poolman being a cheap version of Myers!

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