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Thoughts on Jimbo's moves and this off-season

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16 hours ago, BigTramFan said:

I didn't forget about Pearson. He is not a top 6 forward IMO. He is a good two way player, but not someone you want on a scoring line.


I am in favour of having 3 scoring lines one day in the future, but I am not in favour of sacrificing our top 6 forward group to do so. I don't think we have the depth of 'top 6' forwards to ice 3 scoring lines. Putting Miller with two lesser wingers is a waste of his abilities, which I think are much better utilised on Petey's flank.


I would liek to see us stick with the Lotto Line and Hog-Horvat-Garland as our top 6 group.


VGK and TBL have a legit top 6 group, plus additional scoring forwards, so they are able to ice 3 scoring lines. But I think TBLs Goodrow-Gourde-Coleman line was much more a skilled grinding line. I wonder if we could build something like that around Dickinson-???-Podz. We would need a skilled high energy physical centerman in the same mold as Gourde to do that.


What I would like to do is bed-in the top 6 we have now and then try and develop/grow that 3rd line into a skilled grinding line that can score.


I like your idea of building a shutdown/matchup line around Sutter, but I wonder if he's gotten too slow to be that guy now? Perhaps a Pearson-Sutter-Motte line could be used to match up against opposition top lines, freeing up Bo and Petey with their scoring-focused lines. Then maybe the Dickinson-Podz line (with Highmore or MacEwen for now) could be used as a grinding/energy line and we look at add that skill next off season.

Yeah, Pearson contract at this point was an overpayment but JB didn’t want to lose him in FA.   Sutter is made out of glass and will more than likely be on the injured list but the 1 yr contract is what he deserves after 6 yrs of collecting a paycheque. 

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On 7/31/2021 at 5:03 AM, Josepho said:


Hamonic is slightly overpaid for a bottom pairing guy.

Hamonic played 19 & 1/2 minutes a game last year. Reduced minutes coming off injury & Covid, 10 months inactivity. Well above a third pair 11 minute a night stiff, who gets sheltered. His role 5 on 5 was with, and to shelter, our best young D Hughes. A guy who could clear the net, matchup against bigger forwards so Hughes could roam. And he killed penalties. It was an important role.


You are under rating Travis calling him 3rd pair.   

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