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[Signing] Blue Jackets re-sign Zach Werenski

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2 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

That's like a $2 million overpayment.  No way he should get Seth Jones money or get paid more than Hamilton.


If I'm Victor Hedman I am holding out until Tampa gives me $11 million...

You’re forgetting that CBJ has to overpay players to stay.  Ohio is like the Manitoba of the states lol

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What's with defencemen getting 9-10M these days?


To be fair I think they've been underpaid for years, forwards getting more recognition while defencemen take 5-6M even as stars. This all started with Crosby signing a monster contract and then everu forward star started getting 8M+ but defencemen lagged behind.


Some of these D stars play much bigger minutes and score as many points as a forward, plus IMO they're more important to their team's success. 


For example, Werenski at 9M or Eichel at 9M, who's more valuable? That being said, Vasilevsky at 9M may be an under-payment considering how vital he is to Tampa's dynasty.

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16 hours ago, Jimmy McGill said:

does "flat cap" mean something else in Finnish? 

I guess Jarmo just figured someone has been sitting on his hat or something ::D

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9 hours ago, Alflives said:

Is this guy now the highest paid left shot D in the league?  

Yup. By about half a million (Josi).

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