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[discussion] Time to trade Oli Jouveli?

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JP berry said today that he doesnt think jim is done trading. Imo i think the team is all in on Rathbone and cant really think of who else would jim would think of trading especially now that we know hunt can jump into the lineup now incase of injuries. 

Not sure what his value is around the league is but maybe we can get a 2nd for him as a young kinda big dman with upside that teams are looking for. Brian Burke is one that said he has all the tools to be a great player invthe league during his draft year. 

wonder if theres a way to get schneider from the rangers who are looking for a young LHD. 

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I really like Bone, but he doesn’t need waivers to go to Abbotsford.  OJ has a spot to lose.  If he does lose his spot he’s done.  He won’t clear waivers.  Might be able to trade him to a bottom feeder team that thinks if waived OJ will get taken before their turn.  But this is an October thing, I think.  

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5 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Tyler Motte could be an option for a trade.  He only has a year left on his contract and will get a decent raise as a UFA.  We have Highmore and Di Giuseppe who can play the 4th line and also Gadjovich could be a big body on that line as well.


Motte should be able to get us a decent pick back for 2022 and we free up over $1 million to sign the boys...

Didnt think of that 

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I think we have very good D depth now and I would stick with it because of injury and potential development needs for the young guys.  I think it shapes up like this:


OEL Myers

Hughes Hamonic

Joulevi Poolman


Rathbone Schenn are the extras but will see lots of time due to injuries and rest etc.


Brisebois Bowey are the first call ups as well (Assuming they clear initial waivers.


To me we now have the depth that we've never had and we just keep it the way it is.

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1 minute ago, BarnBurner said:

IMO, everything you said would be an absolute bone-head move. 


Yeah, he had bad luck with injuries, but he's finally getting healthy and wasn't picked 5th overall because he's a punk. 


He showed last year that he's a very stable D with a great stretch pass, a really nice, accurate shot, and isn't afraid to take the body. People need to have more patience. 


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