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[proposal] Pettersson/Hughes for Eichel/Dahlin “swing for the fences?”

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[proposal] Pettersson/Hughes for Eichel/Dahlin “swing for the fences?”


Before I begin this post, I want to reiterate that I do not think this will happen nor do I necessarily think that it should happen. Just trying to see things “from the other side.” What I will say however, is that both Eichel and Dahlin, at full health, and at full potential, absolutely blow away both Pettersson and Hughes at full peaked potential, and if the Canucks TRULY want to swing for the fences and ice the best possible future team, then having Eichel and Dahlin here instead of Petey and Hughes would likely be the solution.


Why?  Because.....


1) Eichel, at full health, and full potential, is a Top 5 center in this league.  Period.  There’s McDavid, Mackinnon, Matthews, and then a next tier of centers that include Eichel, Crosby (aging), Draisaitl, Barkov, and perhaps a few others that I’m forgetting.  Guys like Pettersson and Sebastian Aho would be somewhere in that 10-15 spot.  So - if the Canucks TRULY want a franchise center in the truest sense of the word, then Eichel would be that guy.


2) Dahlin, at full potential, is about 90% as good as Hughes/Makar offensively, but is MUCH MUCH MUCH better defensively.   Yes, Dahlin’s atrocious defensive numbers in Buffalo would suggest otherwise, but let’s not forget.....it’s freakin Buffalo.  Everyone has sucked in Buffalo for the better part of the last 15 years.  But seriously - there’s a reason why Dahlin was being considered to be a “generational” talent back in 2018.  The “Connor McDavid” of defensemen. The “Brian Leetch on steroids.”  Dahlin, at maxed potential, is a two way beast that can pretty much do everything.  In Chess, he’d be the Queen of the chess board.  An ugly Swedish 6’3 drag queen, but a queen nonetheless.  

So - the point I’m making is this:  If the Canucks truly want to go for the cup over these next few years, then having a true franchise center and a true two way all situations “generational talent” defenseman just might get them there.


Why Vancouver does this:

-see reasons above 

-short term cap relief.  Pettersson + Hughes, as of today, will likely cost more than both Eichel and Dahlin.

-swing for the fences

-IF everything worked out, the Canucks would basically have no weaknesses.  Their only real current weakness is that they might be lacking a true top pairing shut down guy......but IF Dahlin were to live up to that potential, that problem would be solved.  And who better for Dahlin to learn from than OEL and Brad Shaw?


Why Buffalo does this:

-Culture change.  Plain and simple.  Things have become so toxic in Buffalo that they need to completely revamp the team and culture.  Eichel already wants out of there and the Sabres have already started to ruin Dahlin’s development.   
-Buffalo can give Petey and Quinn their well deserved long term money right now if I understand correctly, which will allow poor JP Barry to finally feed his family.  








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19 minutes ago, DontTouchMeGuys said:

You've spent a lot of time thinking about this. 

Pure Devil’s advocate position.


While Eichel has health issues, and Dahlin has struggled, there’s absolutely no denying their potential and peak.  At their peaks, as much as I might not want to admit it, they collectively blow Petey and Hughes out of the water.  Eichel is a top 5 center while Dahlin’s potential is that of a two way generational talent.  Buffalo is in dire need of a culture change, while Vancouver might be in need of a top pairing shut down guy in the future.  If the Canucks are looking to “swing for the fences” and “go big or go home,” then this is the deal that could set them apart. The risk however, is that Eichel doesn’t end up being the same player psotnnefk surgery while Dahlin may have already been ruined beyond repair.

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No way in a billion years does Buffalo do this (not considering contracts or Eichel's rumoured desire to leave). As you mentioned, Eichel and Dahlin are both better than Petey and Hughes. That said, Eichel, while probably still having many good years left, is probably in the last year or two of his best years, as is often the case with superstars.

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Eichel is poison.  Petey is driven and confident but Swedish not American, so he's not a dick like Eichel.


No way I make this trade.  Dahlin is probably better all around player, but Hughes is much better offensively. I'll stick with Hughes.  


I think our guys have much more team attitudes.  



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8 minutes ago, 4petesake said:

Sorry Patel, I can’t stress enough how hard I’d pass on this proposal.






No worries man.   I’d probably pass on it as well to be honest but I’m just looking for good arguments as to why people would pass on this.   Eichel’s upcoming surgery is obviously is a major issue, while Dahlin hasn’t looked all that great in Buffalo.  I do get it.  I just can’t help but wonder as to how these two guys would look in our system with a clean Bill of health + maximized potential.

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Devil's advocate here but I'd do it. I think Hughes doesn't have a very high ceiling defensively, I'm worried he'll be a very good Brodie/Barrie at best but because of his size and defensive awareness (or lack thereof) I don't think he can ever be a true top defenceman in this league. All the star defencemen are big, strong, solid guys like Hedman who started off as good defensive defencemen and then their offence grew out of it, not the other way around. Hughes doesn't have the physicality either. Dahlin isn't quite Hedman-esque, but he is much safer in his own zone and I think the offence might come out of him as he develops.


As for Pettersson, I'm quite skeptical on whether he truly is a star center or not. Last year he wasn't close to a point per game before being injured. He's been good at times but then also very inconsistent and only really good on the PP. Again, does he have the physicality to survive in a long playoff run? He's a bit like the Sedins in that he's not massive or strong, pretty sound defensively and obviously very skilled offensively, but will that lack of physicality hurt us in the long run? Look at Eichel, the man is a machine when he's on his game, a bit like Landeskog/Nate in Colorado. He's pretty strong as well. Petey COULD turn into that sort of star center who carries a team to the Cup, but I think Eichel looks much more like that sort of center right now.


I don't think Buffalo does this swap straight up in a million years and that alone just tells you that Eichel + Dahlin > Pettersson + Hughes. That being said, the Buffalo guys are more experienced and older.


Realistically, this trade wouldn't happen because of the worries as well of Eichel being a bit of a diva and trading our two young starts would certainly cause an uproar in the locker room. Look at what has kicked off after we let Marky, Tanev and Toffoli leave - everyone's wanting out, including Edler.

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I do think Eichel would thrive on a Canucks team playing in the same division as McDavid with something to prove

I prefer EP's personality and he is better suited as a team player


Both Dahlin and Hughes are young defencemen and the same age and neither received a Norris vote. I do think Dahlin would excel as a Canuck as well 

I think in the future Hughes would like to play with his brothers, While Dahlin I could see being a long time Canuck (if he was a Canuck)


Of the 4 players, I think both EP and Dahlin would stay the longest as Canucks

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