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[Trade] Lightning trade Spencer Martin to Canucks for future considerations

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25 minutes ago, Lil B From The Pack said:

Idk man.... I truly believe Futute Considerations had a really bright future in the NHL. You're not named Future for no reason.

The Great One, The Magnificent One, The Next One, The Special One… and the Future… consideration.

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19 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

Nothing comes to mind, as far as future considerations becoming converted into a high draft pick.


There have been some significant wins, however, from future considerations.

The trade that brought Messier to the Rangers included future considerations, in the form of a trade that was completed one month later that saw the Oilers send Beukeboom to NYR for David Shaw.


Beukeboom played the next eight seasons for the Rangers, mostly as Brian Leech’s partner.

Shaw only played 12 games for the Oilers.

What exactly is the purpose of a 'future considerations' placeholder? Is it just a placeholder, or is it just something that GMs have this handshake agreement that they'll help each other out in the future more often?


I guess the next question is, why weren't there future considerations in the deals involving Andrew Ladd/Shayne Ghost? They were literally traded for nothing.

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16 minutes ago, Kootenay Gold said:

I doubt that will be the case regarding Silovs. Spencer's acquisition probably is just an insurance move and has more to do with having two decent goalies in Abby that can cover in-case DiPietro gets the call up to Vancouver to backup there if either Halak or Demko gets injured and out for a few games. This is a smart move by Benning IMO. Spencer; being older and having more AHL experience, would take the starting goalie role and Silovs would be his backup in Abby while DiPietro is up with the big club.

Wow, that's some serious over-thinking a trade to add goalie depth for the minor teams.


But I'm fascinated more by this guy Future Considerations.  It looks like he's made a serious come back after several years of being on hiatus. 

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1 hour ago, theo5789 said:

Found our backup for Abbotsford. I guess Silovs will be in the ECHL.

Not uncommon for AHL team to carry 3 goalies. Silos will probably bounce back and forth. Only takes one goalie to go down and the domino effect happens. Good move 

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1 hour ago, Where's Wellwood said:

We all make jokes about Future Considerations often becoming almost nothing.


On the flip side, does anyone know what the most value Future Considerations has ever become? Has Future Considerations ever turned out to be a 2nd round pick or something?

As far as I know it's usually nothing but I've heard it being as high as buying lunch.

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