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[Trade] Lightning trade Spencer Martin to Canucks for future considerations

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4 hours ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Fun fact,


Spencer Martin is Jonah Gadjovich's brother in law. Gadjovich just recently married Martin's sister last week.



Good trade, Canucks need a goalie to backup DiPietro. I suspect either Silovs goes back to junior as an overager or is sent to the ECHL.

Goalie depth and injury protection.  

I think JB is taking any chances with his depth and essential signings,  


if he ends up needing a Zamboni driver to fill in at net or sign an emergency backup, he may just be frog marched off the lions gate bring.  

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8 minutes ago, Me_ said:

That time when the AHL backup goalie received four pages in five hours…

Well, I mean....if you have been reading, we did give up a unknown player(s) with unknown upside/bust. He potentially sounds really good/bad from what I understand. 

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4 hours ago, Devron44 said:

I thought Future Considerations had a real shot at making the team this year :(

I think you are thinking of No Name.


I get them confused a lot.

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6 hours ago, eeeeergh said:

YET AGAIN JB gets taken advantage of by Tampa Bay. He keeps mortgaging our future to try to "win now", and it never works. I've had enough. Trading away our valuable future considerations for this no name prospect is the last straw.

Tired of having a GM that keeps getting fleeced by other GMs in one sided deals. 

AV? Squamfan? Is that you???

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3 hours ago, iceman64 said:

At this point I can't help but think that just down the road from Abbotsford is one of the best goalie coaches in the world who will surely have time to work with him and with proper honing, where exactly is his ceiling? I'm confident that Ian could almost turn anyone who is at least really good to a back up in the NHL, this is our ace in the hole when it comes to G in the system, we need Clark and he's one of the best off ice hires in franchise history.. glad that man is here, not somewhere else especially now that he can work so close to our G prospects in Abby, pretty happy about that but I confidence we'll have enough guys to work with so in an injury situation we will have someone at least reasonable NHL calibre so we don't lose games and miss the playoffs (as usual) we've had this problem for years but at least it's better than it was with any other team that we ever had before, so that's a thing! 

 In Ian I trust!  :) do your thing Dr Clark! We have a new patient for you.. 


Riddle me this...why is it that his son Morgan Clark, who the Canucks drafted way back in 2008 with their 7th round pick never amounted to much of a professional goalie?  You would think Ian Clark would've had a chance to help Morgan develop his game, much like Jack Hughes did for his three sons? 


That aside, I agree with everything you say in your post...Canucks goalies are lucky (and thrilled) to have Ian Clark as their coach and I'm sure he's going to build a goalie pipeline for the Canucks that will last a long time.

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