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1 hour ago, theo5789 said:

He drafted Mailloux also. He's the Marc Bergevin of GML.


I suspect he's targetting Evander Kane heavily right now.

To be fair I had no idea about the Mailloux situation until a day or 2 after the draft. Turned my 3rd round pick into a 1st though, so I think I did pretty darn good :lol:

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3 hours ago, lethunder said:

Johansson signs with the Kraken who have a decent shot at the playoffs on paper. 


I'll take it! 

Yeah, I ended up with a few assets there, and it’s already a lot better than some teams in the league. I hold my cards as well. They’ll see big minutes and have great goaltending... good start to a recipe 

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4 hours ago, lethunder said:

SIGNING: The New Jersey Devils have signed free agent Tyler Bozak to a one year contract.


spacer.png Tyler Bozak - 1 year, $1.5 million dollar contract

The Devils welcome back Tyler Bozak! Acquired last mid season via trade to add Playoff depth, Tyler has proven a valuable contributor to our organization. 


Taking on a bottom six role wont be anything new for Tyler, he will help our club maintain a scoring threat from the bottom half of the lineup with opportunity to play up the lineup throughout the season.

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4 minutes ago, arby18_ said:

Hello all - agent Arby here. I'm heading to the lake for the next week in a few hours, and I'll be out of cell range for the duration from what I understand. I've tried to finish off most of the current offers, but if you have an offer in with me that's not done it's because there are multiple offers and multiple agents involved. As such, rest assured that the other agents will cover for me in my absense and your offers are recorded and will be considered.


Cheers. See you next weekend.

Season 1 Flirting GIF by Now Apocalypse

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