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A few thoughts on the Cap, EP, Hughes and how to make the Canucks a Cup contender and not just a playoff team.

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Arrow 1983

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5 hours ago, Arrow 1983 said:



you are comparing 30 year old's to a 21 year old


using your logic if Maker is better defensively and they are the same age and roughly the same amount of points Hughes is worth 8 million on a 6 year deal.

It was a great post - these guys are UFAs too, a lot different then RFA of which Heiskanen and Makar got only some bought, and proven vets (and are supposed to get their payday then).


   Think the point is a subtle one their too, Krugs deal vs QHs.   Makar is leaps and bounds ahead of QHs on the other side of the puck.  So not sure what your point is - and he was also overpaid.


Also use your logic.   Also how is Makar the same age as QHs if he was drafted a year before him?  Makar is both QHs and Heiskanen combined.   Very different then the Spurgeon Krug comparison, which was both a good read and accurate.   By that posters "logic",  QHs isn't worth the same deal as Heiskanen which was the point.    Pretty much everyone on this site agrees to that.   If he's getting 8 then he's signing a full 8 years...suggested 7.5 x 8.    Personally feel there is enough money to sign both to full term deals right now.    As an aside Makar was overpaid IMO.   RFAs that haven't won anything shouldn't be getting top 3-5 D money league wide.   See Doughty and EKs deals.  Best two Ds in the league throughout, and they finally got paid like them when they were UFAs, how things are supposed to be.   Makar got 3rd contract money with only a few UFA years bought ... 

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5 hours ago, BigTramFan said:

Yes I agree that a long term contract for Hughes is worth approximately $1m less than the Heiskanen contract at $8.45m x 8 years.


Heiskanen is the more all-round player and is an “all situations” Dman. Hughes is more of a powerplay specialist. The Krug and Spurgeon contracts from 2020 are a good comparison to show why Hughes’ contract should be lower than Heiskanen’s.


Both Krug and Spurgeon were UFA, so their contract amounts are not comparable to QH and MH, but they show the relative value of similar Dmen signed to long term deals at the same time. Krug is a powerplay specialist like Hughes. Spurgeon is more of an “all situations” Dman like Heiskanen.


Hughes’ 2020-21 stats are closely comparable to Krug’s in his contract year in 2019-20. Krug scored 49 pts in 61 games (21 at even strength), whereas Hughes scored 41 pts in 56 games (22 at ES).


Heiskanen’s 2020-21 stats are closely comparable to Spurgeon’s in his contract year in 2019-20. Spurgeon scored 25 pts in 62 games (16 at ES), whereas Heiskanen scored 27 pts in 55 games (16 at ES). Both Heiskanen and Spurgeon play on the PP and PK with similar success in their contract years.


In 2020 Spurgeon was signed to a $7.75m x 7 deal as a UFA. In the same year Krug was signed to a $6.5m x 7 deal as a UFA.


This demonstrates the relative value of a powerplay specialist vs. an “all situations” Dman. The more rounded player is getting paid about $1m more than the PP specialist.


For this reason I believe a long term deal for Hughes should be about $1m less than Heiskanen. So that puts a long term deal for Hughes around the $7.5m x 8 years.

That's an excellent post thanks for spending the time to illustrate.   Spurgeon reminds me a little of Brian Campbell.   Both those guys are ones i think QHs can aspire too on the other side of the puck.   I also think that's about where we should be on a long term deal but suspect it will be higher but not much (250-500k).    You'd think we'd have enough money to do both guys long term at 8x8 as a pair (which many media types figured would and should happen), in this case QHs probably getting more then he should to start, and EP a little less.   EPs a top 10 c in this league already, QHs is a top 10 point getter but otherwise ... well i'd for sure say, given his minutes and how bad the team was last year, he's still a top 31d.   Which makes him a number one in that regard.  But way down the list given no PK, and 5 x 5 it's dicey.    Would still pay him as for sure he will get better.   I'd be ok  if we bridged both then got them signed for 8 year deals but feel the cap hits would be too much, basically be buying mostly UFA years at that point.    RFA years are supposed to be when a team can win.   Im sure JB and co will get them both inked to fair deals.   Hope they are in the 6-8 year range. 

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