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[DEBATE] Which #8 in their CANUCKS prime are you taking?

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Elias Pettersson

Which #8 in their CANUCKS prime are you taking?  

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26 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

I'm gonna take Greg Adams.  He represents one of the greatest moments in Vancouver Canucks history.  Gives me shills just thinking about it...



Also scored the Game #1 SCF OT Winner.

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3 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Which #8 in their prime, WHILE PLAYING FOR THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS, are you taking? 


This may not be as easy as you think.  Enjoy...  :)






Thanks for creating all these threads EP 

Helps fill the time between hockey. 


I face Pete's dilemma however I am gonna go with Willie.



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2 hours ago, 4petesake said:

Landslide winner would have been Peter McNab except none of his prime was with the Canucks. I wanted to pick Schmautzie because of that season with 38 goals and 137 PM and tough as nails but really other than that one season his best years were in Boston. After that it’s a dead heat between Willie Mitchell and Greg Adams, two of the steadiest, most reliable guys around. I finally chose Gus because of his longer Canuck prime and his big playoff goals, but either one is worthy. 

This is exactly how i feel too.   Mitchell won his Pratt's honestly.   And like someone posted earlier, had we re-signed him i'm sure the cup would have been ours.   One of the best defensive D's we've had in franchise history, in his prime.   LA ... well it was nice to see a picture with him and the cup on his boat salmon fishing.    Went with Adams.   Also a warrior for us and like so many others on that team, elevated his game when it mattered the most. 

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3 minutes ago, -AJ- said:

Crazy. Two of my all-time favourite Canucks on here in Mitchell and Tanev. That said, both there are some other good names here too.


Very hard to compare offensive forwards to defensive defensemen, but I'll try. I could legitimately see my top 5 completely rearranged.


1. Bobby Schmautz


The only reason I chose Schmautz at 1st over some tough competition is that he famously (perhaps not famously enough) scored 7 goals in 2 games as a Canuck, scoring three in one game and then four the next. He led the Canucks in scoring in 1972-73 and set a new Canuck record with 38 goals and 71 points. He also came back one year in 1980-81 and was a key part of the team as a veteran.


2. Rick Blight


Blight scored 68 points in 1976-77 in his best career year and was 31st in NHL scoring (1st among Canucks). On top of this, though he never scored, Blight did have 5 assists in 5 playoff games with the Canucks during the 70s.


3. Greg Adams


Late 80s and 90s fans who didn't watch in 70s might find it crazy that I have Adams this low, but Adams scored his career bests in the 80s when everyone's grandma was scoring 80 points. That said, Adams did finish 2nd on the Canucks in scoring in 1987-88  with 76 points and was on pace for 89 points in 84 games in 1992-93, but he was injured. He was solid in the 1994 playoffs, but more known for scoring clutch goals than providing steady offense. He was an outstanding performer in the 1993 playoffs, however, with 7 goals and 13 points in 12 games.


4. Willie Mitchell


The only edge I gave Mitchell over Tanev was his physicality. Both of them were incredible defensive defensemen who didn't put up many points, but Mitchell could hit sometimes too and would also drop the gloves from time to time.


5. Chris Tanev


In a contest for the best defensive defenseman I have ever seen on the Canucks (roughly from 2001 onwards). Only Mitchell rivals him in my mind.


6.  Peter McNab


As stated by @4petesake, his best years were earlier in his career, with the Bruins. He played only a bit over a year in Vancouver and was solid, but not spectacular with 48 points in 76 games.


7. Donald Brashear


One of the fiercest heavyweight fighters to ever play for the Canucks, Brashear has the current Canuck record for most PIM in a season with 372, which also led the league. Even still, he could score a few goals, peaking in 2000-01 with 9 goals and 19 assists for a solid 28 points in 79 games. Curiously enough, in those playoffs, his only with Vancouver, he had 0 PIM in 4 games as they lost to the Avalanche in the first round.


8. Jim Nill


I suspect I don't know enough about Jim Nill to accurately rate him, but his offensive numbers are very underwhelming, especially for 80s hockey. That said, I do believe he's the first Canuck to ever score a playoff overtime winning goal in later than the 1st overtime, scoring the winner against the Black Hawks in game 1 of the 1982 Western Conference Finals, as a trade deadline acquisition (I think).


 Adams or Mitchell.   Scoring was high back then because the league never had that much talent all at once.   The 70's were also high scoring, expansion and the WHA  had a lot to do with that (it watered things down all at once too quickly... but it set the stage for a massive burst in hockey interest too - the benefits came a decade later).     By the 80's the top WHA players (all who could play in the NHL), joined the league, and the best europeans in the world started joining too, by the late 80's the russians came too....Butterfly changed things for sure .... but only by a small percentage really ...if you gave Adams a 5% penalty he's still scoring a lot... and the league had some great goalies by the early 90's.   And was gold in the playoffs.    Appreciate reading your stuff though.   Always enjoy it. 

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Toss up for me, Tanev and Mitchell. I went with Tanev, only because of the length of time he played with the Canucks. A warrior, for all of them. All the other 8's were either on the downturn of their careers, Schmautz, McNabb. Blight never really had a great career, demanding a trade on a road trip. Nill was one of the best 4th liners if they were called that back then, and made himself a great career in the game on the management side. Greg Adams, the Nelson boy was a fantastic pickup by Quinn, and scored some very important goals with the '94 Canucks.

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