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BCLC offers single game betting


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It's about time.




 B.C. sports fans can now bet on big games like the Grey Cup, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, or the Super Bowl.


The BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC)  is now taking bets on individual events — from prize fights, to Nascar races, to baseball games — thanks to Bill C-218, Ottawa’s Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act. The bill received Royal assent in June, and became the law of the land Aug. 27.



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And will probably have worse lines than online sites. 


I don't wager on sports nearly as much any more but those early years of MMA betting were obscenely good for people in the know. Vegas had no clue how to set lines and I would be in on both sides on many fights arbitered up and standing to profit either way.  There was a forum a bunch of us used to frequent where a guy would post up lines and his advice that was absolutely killer. He now makes a fortune setting up the MMA betting lines in Vegas :)

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