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[Would you] Pettersson/Marner


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1 hour ago, Warhippy said:

Simple question.


Pettersson holds out.  Is asking $9+ million.


Toronto offers Marner 1-1 3.5 million retained




To Toronto:  Pettersson

To Vancouver:  Marner 3.5 million retained for a cap AAV of 7.4 million


Would you?



Marner at 7.4 is a huge bargain. Our cap structure gets settled for the next n years (where n is the number of years left on Marner's deal).


Put Miller on center and Marner at wing. Marner has produced 90+ points before and it is very likely that he will continue to do so. Besides, he kills penalties if I'm not mistaken and is defensively aware (unlike Matthews).


But can Toronto sign EP? Likely 9 mil contract after taking up 3.5 mil of Marner's cap?

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1 hour ago, Cromeslab said:

Nope Petey has a better defensive game imo

Marner is one of the best defensive wingers in the league. Amongst wingers, I’ll probably only rank Stone, Killron, and Marchard ahead of him. Since entering the league he’s 3rd in takeaways, and led his team in SH minutes played, the past two seasons.

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