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[DEBATE] Who is your FAVOURITE current Vancouver Canucks hockey player?

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Elias Pettersson

Who is your FAVOURITE current Vancouver Canucks hockey player?  

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3 minutes ago, IBatch said:

I was going to vote Myers lol...i actually really love having him on the team ... i loved having Ryan Walter on the team too.  Babych was one of my favourites too.   Diduck was awesome.   Even liked Murzyn even though it was painfully obvious he couldn't skate or fight well.    Pre-cap - nobody whined or cared one lick about who we had on the team. They either identified with them or they were just Canucks and that was always cool anyways.   Point is - take cap out of the equation and all of that...the little guys matter too.   Stecher, Motte types.  Im pretty sure you get that even with the cap added.  I love all the guys too. 

The beauty of Murzyn was no one enjoyed playing against him, I recall Gretzky stating how much he hated playing against Murzyn and Cliff Ronning saying no one in the league liked to up against Murzyn, he alwasy got a piece ofhis oppoenent. And like Murzynm Diduck never missed a chnace to get in a guys face. Different day

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1 hour ago, Sedintwinpowersactivate said:

I chose Conor Garland.  I think after about 10 games he will be my favourite Canuck.  I love the way he plays and his story of making the NHL.  I noticed him every time we played the Yotes.  He’s a play driver in the mold of Brayden Point.  He is also still ascending to his ceiling.

Haven't seen him play much - but i do like his story too, underdog when he probably never should have been, like St Louis.   Given what Coleman others and Bennet got, think JB did pretty good...

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For me, it was a toss up... I give the edge to Horvat over Boeser. A quality player on and off the ice. No slight on Petey and Huggy but I gotta go with those two guys.

Horvat is a dependable two-way centre that's a workhorse. Those are players you rely on heavily and can get your team into a deep playoff run. Proven playoff performer and a clutch scorer.

Boeser is different, he has elevated his game tremendously the past few years and is not just your typical one trick triggerman on the top of a circle. He plays hard along the boards and even plays a solid two-way game now.

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10 hours ago, Moe Knows said:

How about the guy whose # he's wearing?? For us old timers Boudrias and Smyl are up there too...

I'm pretty old myself but I don't remember those guys really, but that's a testament to how hard Hoggy plays if we need to go back to the 80's or earlier to find another Canuck who played as hard.  I expect Podz to make this list as well or at least I hope he does, Motte is up there too. 

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Good Poll Elias Pettersson.  The reason i like this one the most, is there are no wrong answers.    Back when i was young, there were very few players i didn't love on our teams.   Butcher was one of my early favourites.   Guy got his nickname the right way - the Strangler...He also got traded which hurt at the start.   But Ronning, Courtnall and Momesso changed my mind quickly enough.   Momesso was a great middle six player for us, wish Pearson was like him.   Or anyone really.   Babych was a stud.   Guy would one arm glove half the forwards that came into the zone, move him to where he wanted them to be, and then do his thing.    Even liked guys like Ryan Walter.   Because i knew he was a former great Hab and near the end of his career, and did his best every shift.    The House... well you don't get a nickname like that unless your well, a house.... 


Right now i enjoy watching Myers ever shift.   Stoked we got him and still am.   We shouldn't be so concerned about cap when it comes to this sort of thing at all.   It doesn't matter how much they get paid - it's just so you identify with them?  Gino and Smyl... Scotty Walker ... a lot of folks loved Rypien as do I - heart matters.   QHs - well damn he's a little dude, look what he's doing .... survived and he's a freaking defenseman lol... that's inspiring.   Thing Garland won't take long to be a fan fave too... and Dickinson - i noticed him the same way i noticed Ferland vs us during Dallas run. 


Overall - well thanks again for the fun late summer stuff Elias.   Just one favour to ask... can you sign already so we can get on with it!

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