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2021-2022 GDT Sign-up Thread

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IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. Game Day Threads (GDT's) are created for every game to focus discussion in one place. Please comment in this thread to reserve a spot. 




  • Use the [GDT] tag at the start of your thread title.
  • The GDT can be posted immediately after the previous game ends and at least 12 hours before the game starts. 
  • If no GDT is posted 12 hours before the game, it becomes first come first serve.
  • Please give some advance notice if you can't create the GDT at the required time.


Please provide some basic info at the start of your thread:

  • Game time and location
  • Team lineups
  • Broadcast information (TV and radio)


Creativity is encouraged but skill is not necessary. Do your best to create a high-quality and informative GDT. Please only volunteer if you're sure you'll be able to make the thread. You can always get a head start by creating a thread in the testbed forum here:




Short on time or need a quick start? Here's a beautiful simple template provided by GDT legend Blueberries that you can copy and paste:


Basic Format (use this to quickly post a GDT):

Away (W-L-OTL) @ Home (W-L-OTL)

Where: [arena]

Time: [pm]


Radio: TSN 1040

Starting Lineups:

Vancouver Canucks:


D.Sedin - H.Sedin - Player Name

Baertschi - Horvat - Virtanen

Burrows - Sutter - Hansen

Gaunce - Granlund - Dorsett


Edler - Tanev

Hutton - Gudbranson

Sbisa - Larsen


Starting Goalie: Ryan Miller/Jacob Markstrom


More to come...





Day Time   Opponent TV Member
2021-10-13 7pm @ Edmonton SN360 Roger Neilsons  Towel
2021-10-15 4pm @ Philadelphia SN goalie13
2021-10-16 4pm @ Detroit SNP Roberts
2021-10-19 4pm @ Buffalo   -SN-
2021-10-21 5:30pm @ Chicago   VancouverHabitant
2021-10-23 7pm @ Seattle CBC, SN1, TVAS2, ESPN+ therodigy
2021-10-26 7pm vs Minnesota   goalie13
2021-10-28 7pm vs Philadelphia   therodigy
2021-10-30 7pm vs Edmonton CBC Roberts
2021-11-02 7pm vs New York Rangers    
2021-11-05 7pm vs Nashville    
2021-11-07 7pm vs Dallas    
2021-11-09 7pm  vs Anaheim   MattJVD
2021-11-11 6pm @ Colorado    
2021-11-13 7pm @ Las Vegas CBC, SN, TVAS2  
2021-11-14 5pm @ Anaheim    
2021-11-17 6pm vs Colorado SN  
2021-11-19 7pm vs Winnipeg    
2021-11-21 5pm vs Chicago    
2021-11-24 4pm @ Pittsburgh SNP  
2021-11-26 4pm @ Columbus    
2021-11-28 4pm @ Boston    
2021-11-29 4:30pm @ Montreal SNE, SNO, SNP  
2021-12-01 4:30pm @ Ottawa SN1, SNP, TVAS MattJVD
2021-12-04 7pm vs Pittsburgh CBC, SN, TVAS2 goalie13
2021-12-06 7pm vs Los Angeles    
2021-12-08 6pm vs Boston SN  
2021-12-10 7pm vs Winnipeg    
2021-12-12 7pm vs Carolina    
2021-12-14 7pm vs Columbus    
2021-12-16 7:30pm @ San Jose    
2021-12-18 4pm vs Toronto SN  
2021-12-19 7pm vs Arizona    
2021-12-21 7:30pm @ San Jose    
2021-12-23 7pm vs Anaheim    
2021-12-27 7pm vs Seattle    
2021-12-29 7:30pm @ Anaheim    
2021-12-30 7:30pm @ Los Angeles    
2022-01-01 7pm @ Seattle CBC, SN Roberts
2022-01-05 7pm vs New York Islanders TVAS, TNT  
2022-01-08 7pm vs Ottawa CBC, SNE, SNP, TVAS2  
2022-01-11 4pm @ Florida    
2022-01-13 4pm @ Tampa Bay    
2022-01-15 10am @ Carolina    
2022-01-16 11am @ Washington TVAS  
2022-01-18 5pm @ Nashville    
2022-01-21 7pm  vs Florida    
2022-01-23 7pm vs St. Louis    
2022-01-25 7pm vs Edmonton    
2022-01-27 5pm @ Winnipeg    
2022-01-29 7pm @ Calgary    
2022-01-31 4:30pm @ Chicago SN1, SNP  
2022-02-01 5pm @ Nashville    
2022-02-24 7pm vs Calgary    
2022-02-27 5pm @ New York Rangers    
2022-02-28 4:30pm @ New  Jersey SNp  
2022-03-03 4:30pm @ New York Islanders  
2022-03-05 4pm @ Toronto SN  
2022-03-09 7:30pm vs Montreal TNT  
2022-03-11 7pm vs Washington    
2022-03-13 7pm vs Tampa Bay    
2022-03-15 7pm vs New  Jersey    
2022-03-17 7pm vs Detroit    
2022-03-19 7pm vs Calgary CBC, SN  
2022-03-20 7pm vs Buffalo    
2022-03-23 6:30pm @ Colorado TVAS  
2022-03-24 5pm @ Minnesota    
2022-03-26 4pm @ Dallas    
2022-03-28 4:30pm @ St. Louis    
2022-03-30 7pm vs St. Louis    
2022-04-03 4pm vs Las Vegas    
2022-04-06 7pm @ Las Vegas    
2022-04-07 7pm @ Arizona    
2022-04-09 7pm vs San Jose SN1, SNP  
2022-04-12 7pm vs Las Vegas    
2022-04-14 7pm vs Arizona    
2022-04-18 6pm vs Dallas SN  
2022-04-21 5pm @ Minnesota    
2022-04-23 7pm @ Calgary CBC, SN  
2022-04-26 7pm vs Seattle    
2022-04-28 7pm vs Los Angeles    
2022-04-29 6pm @ Edmonton    
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10 hours ago, VegasCanuck said:

So, if this is the game day thread about creating game day threads, why isn't there currently a game day thread on game day???

Please feel free to start a pre-season game day thread. 

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39 minutes ago, Roger Neilsons Towel said:

Bro when I had desk jobs there was a looooot of paid CDC time. They just didn't know about it. :lol:

Nowadays, don't they just call it "Work - Life Balance"?  AT least, that's what I will call it when HR gives me a call.  :) 

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44 minutes ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Roberts is trying to pad his GDT stats there with Detroit ;) 


I'll try my hand at it, I'll take the first available game on Oct 21st against Chicago. 

hey don't leak the secret! :lol:


Red Wings are my second favorite team so i always enjoy making a GDT against them each season!

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10 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

Roberts is trying to pad his GDT stats there with Detroit ;) 


I'll try my hand at it, I'll take the first available game on Oct 21st against Chicago. 

Appreciate it!

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