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[Report] Ridly Greig suspended 1 preseason game, 1 regular season game

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10 minutes ago, goalie13 said:

Right call, wrong sentence.


If they want to get crap like this out of the game, they need to hand down more severe punishment.  A cross-check to the face should be 5 games, minimum.

That was pretty blatant, you are absolutely correct, a play like this should be 5 games, minimum, and should be binding in NHL, AHL or Junior. Needs to be regular season games, not preseason. 

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Yikes. Pretty brutal. 


That said, I'm not sure how good Greig has looked thus far for the Sens. He's never played an NHL game and has only 7 AHL games under his belt. He may not even make the team for all we know.

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21 hours ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:

How did MacIlrath get 4 games and this 1? 
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FYI Grieg got 2, one pre-season, one regular.  This should have been more than 2, though..  McIlrath's I am ok with.


I do like them losing regular games for it, since before only the most egregious preseason penalties would lead to a suspension in the regular season.  If this is new (which it seems to be), it need to stay.

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