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Rogers Sportsnet Layoffs.


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3 minutes ago, DS4quality said:

Local radio is just being decimated by the large telecoms. Today we are losing another chunk of local radio to poor management decisions made in another market. I gotta say I'm super bummed out about the sports radio landscape in Vancouver right now :(

I was wondering why my car radio, set to a.m. 650 was playing the Jim Rome show.

Halford and Brough must be just choked. Lose a job at the TEAM 1040, get a gig at Sportstnet, think you are good for a few years; go get car loan. Then presto, unemployed again. Sucks.

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19 minutes ago, AriGold said:

I believe they're just trimming fat salaries, nothing else changes except some other guys will be brought in.

They should be trimming the fat salaries of useless executives, not the "fat" salaries of on air talent that make a fraction of what those executives make.


Why do we even have the CRTC in Canada when this stuff keeps happening?!? What a useless organization the CRTC is.

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5 minutes ago, -SN- said:

So 650, Home of the Canucks, just became Radio Toronto. Oh well, that's how radio dies in Vancouver. 


On the bright side we have: 


Donnie and Dhali 10am ChekNews.

Sekeres and Price from 3pm (podcast).

Rink Wide with JPat (podcast). 

Will they still have Reach Deep?  (Riccio, Diep, and Shah)

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Wonder what the Canuck organization thinks of this stuff.?

Signed a deal with the station that had a certain line up, then that line up gets changed, multiple times.

Anyone know how the ratings have been over the last while?


Might be time to start looking for a new radio broadcaster.


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The writing was on the wall for this for quite some time.  Anyone in radio should've known that they were going to 'centralize' (aka - cut costs) across the board eventually.  It's no different than people acting shocked that newspapers all over the world were going bankrupt at the same time that on-line news formats were skyrocketing in popularity about 15 years ago. 


Centralized media and podcasts will be the future - regional/local broadcasters need to adapt or die sadly.....I'm not saying it's right or wrong - but it's the trend right now. 

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