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[Game] Predict what time Pettersson and Hughes signings will be announced tomorrow!

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Hello everyone 


As you probably heard the Canucks are close to signing Hughes and Pettersson and the deals will probably be announced tomorrow


Let’s play a little game and predict what time the deals will be announced 


Whoever comes the closest wins


Mods feel free the lock the thread right after the announcement


The only rule is the time has to be in pacific time


good luck! 

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1 hour ago, -DLC- said:

10:00 AM


And I am so bloody STOKED for this.  Will be at work (boo) so woop it up on my behalf!   Will be here in spirit!

Here in spirit? from what I know of you Deb, you could be 6 ft under and be a ghost in GM place.. however you'd always have the best seat in the house, where would that be? wherever the F you wanted.

 Can picture it now, in 2071, Canucks vs Kraken for the Stanley Cup, game 7, last 5 seconds, some krakhead on a break away and wait! he was just about to score and tie it up and then somehow  mysteriously "trips" and Canucks win another cup! and a light laughter is heard throughout the building, lights all of a sudden go out! then back on, on the score board reads "DLC was here!"  ;)

 p.s. 10:15 am! Do it Jimbo! 

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