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[GDT/PGT - Preseason] Vancouver @ Calgary Friday, Oct. 1/21 6:00 PM PST

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23 minutes ago, Locke Lamora said:

Ok, am I seeing this right? Inter squad Leaf game being televised on Sportsnet nationally?


So they shutter 1040, a move made my Bell corporate back East, turn it into a comedy station. A few days Rogers hacks and slashes away at our only remaining sports radio station and local programming being replaced by Toronto based talking heads. 


What the hell.

I'm still pissed these guys are able to take 120 million in covid relief money, Just to give the big dogs bonuses and lay off a ton of normal people in the middle of a pandemic 

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1 minute ago, bishopshodan said:

I'm not seeing enough fights or pucks to the face in this inter squad televised leaf crap.


BREAKING NEWS: Larry Tantenbaum is expected to hand out participation ribbons during the post game parade. 24hr coverage on sportsnet and tsn. Expect zero canucks coverage.

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5 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

It smells like hockey and I am starved.


The smell is really stinky though. 

I have it on too, but not really watching. Just noticed the Leafs were beating the Leafs 3-2 after 2 periods, and they went to a shootout :blink:  Leafs ended up tying the Leafs


I hope they suck this year


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8 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

They keep showing a leaf logo with the words 'forever' rotating around the logo.


Why are they reminding their fans how long it will take them to become a decent hockey club?

the 'forever' means how long it will be before they win a first round in the playoffs

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