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[Waivers] 25 players - Oct. 02, 2021

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3 minutes ago, VegasCanuck said:

I would think that we'll see the Canucks start assigning people today or tomorrow.

Wouldn't be surprised if they keep some guys on given Motte and Sutter's injuries, and there's some candidates (Dowling for 4th C, maybe Wouters/ Dries? also MacEwen/ Lockwood/ Gadjovich/ Highmore for the 4th line wings) vying for those spots.  Also gotta time sending down Juolevi without risking him.

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37 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

Isn't Cale Fleury the guy they took from Montreal?  What a brutal expansion draft.


And Connor Carrick is the guy they took from New Jersey.  Just waiting for them to waive Kole Lind.  That would be epic...

Theres 29 teams to choose a player from and only 23 stay with the big club


they also need players who can play in the AHL and step up 

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48 minutes ago, Gawdzukes said:

Yup, they seemed to have a real bad approach. From the outside it looked like Francis had no clue.

I think his plan was to try to squeeze the GMs like Vegas did, but they weren't falling for it this again, so it left Seattle scrambling to try and build a team without being able to extort the rest of the league.

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11 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

They had some real head scratchers. Dmen and Centers are top NHL currency yet they kept drafting goalies only to buy one on the market anyway. Not picking guys like Jake Bean and Brenden Dillon were huge head scratchers for me anyway.

They only took 3 goalies which was the minimum requirement as per expansion rules.  They had to take at least 14 Fs, 9 Ds and 3 Gs - only 4 spots were of free choice.


They didn't expect Grubauer to make it to market - he was protected by Colorado.  

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Clague, Moverare, Fleury are intriguing. Fleury definitely fits our need in our RHD. Clague would solidify our LHD while Moverare is a young Swede that I’ve always liked. Let’s see if Benning is just as intrigued as I am

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10 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

The Canucks should at least consider a claim on Fleury, depending on how they see the Hamonic situation finally playing out.


He didn’t play in the NHL last season, but he did manage to get into 41 NHL games in 2019-20, and wasn’t out of place in a third pairing role.

Didn’t really create any offence to speak of, but was analytically neutral on 5v5 defence, which is pretty much all you expect from a 3rd pair/spare defender.


As for upside, he’s still only 22 years old (turning 23 this season), has good size (6’1”, 211 lbs), and skates rather well. Has a strong two-way toolkit, and still has time and room to develop further.


Young, two-way, RHD with size, good wheels, and physical play.


Fleury threw over 10 hits per 60 5v5TOI during his 41 games played in the NHL, which is a significantly higher rate than we’re seen from any Canucks defenceman since 2018-19 (when Schenn was last here, and also the “Hitz King” aka MDZ).


Could give him a look over the remaining  preseason games and see if he’s a fit with one of the LHD lineup regulars.


The price is definitely right, as a “free asset” waiver claim, and $750K league minimum salary.

seems like most of our d men are 3rd pairing

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