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[Report] Josh Archibald out indefinitely due to heart condition

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18 hours ago, kloubek said:

Lots of people have beaten covid, and yes - most younger, healthier people will likely come out of it relatively unscathed. They also have natural immunity for a while, which is fantastic. This absolutely needs to be considered in the approach of our government and society when combating the virus and the subsequent restrictions and actions as a result.


But to say the vaccine is only relevant in "rare cases" is simply false. To say this is "beatable" as a generality is also false. The older one gets and the more health complications they have (especially immuno-compromised and respiratory deficient), the greater their chances of serious symptoms or death. However, it isn't so black and white. You aren't perfectly healthy and going to have a 100% chance of making it through OR you are doing to die from it because you're old or have prior ailments. There are some 4 billion "in betweens" which you aren't considering.

CDC has stats on their website as far as age is concerned. Now, one would guess that as one ages, they are going to have more ailments, so I consider this data to encompass both as it pertains to Covid death. Inherently factored in is also the fact that older people die more often than younger people naturally. So just because older people might have covid, it doesn't necessarily mean Covid actually killed them. As a result, these stats are likely slightly skewed to show older people get affected more.




Age      Covid Deaths in USA
0-17     499
18-29   3739
30-39   10872
40-49   27172
50-64   122500
65-74   157673
75-84   185180
85+      193317.


So what we can see here is that kids are very resilient to this virus. Even those under 30 tend to fare very well. We start to see more and more die as age goes up - and once we hit 50+, it really picks up. So let's say that it only becomes typically relevant once someone hits 50. The average life expectancy in the USA is 79 years. That means about 35-40% of people really NEED this vaccine. To me, that isn't "rare" at all. And to me, over 700,000 people dead in one single country doesn't sound particularly "beatable" either.

...and this is just picking out protection against actual deaths. It says nothing in regards to the vaccine reducing general spread to these higher-risk segments, or those who might gain lifelong complications as a result of the toll Covid had on their bodies.

To be fair, the vaccines are not perfect. There have been 8,164 reported deaths against 390+ million vaccinations in the USA. This includes people who just happened to die inside 2 weeks from getting the jab - regardless of whether it was what actually killed them or not. (While not completely accurate, that tends to be how they measure covid deaths as well so it's only fair).  Anyway, that's .0021%. I'll leave you to do your own research as to Covid's fatality rate, which varies depending on who you talk to and whether that region has access to medical care of not. (Including due to overflowing ICUs). To me, that is the number that needs to be measured against the deaths happening from Covid. So, I could see an argument to be had about not vaccinating children. But once one ages, the logical choice becomes pretty clear.

This is mostly not too far off but missing some important points. 
Delta is different and much harder on the young than the original form.  These numbers are just “COVID”.   Long-COVID also seems more prevalent as well and has a lot of potential to be a long term drain on health care and social services. 
Immunizations work most effectively on a mass scale, not just for the vulnerable but as a circuit breaker for transmission (and yes it helps a lot at preventing transmission). 
Most people disregard the lives of the elderly and frail with very dismissive comments while also ignoring that the other BIG risk factor is Obesity. That on its own is about 40% of the US population and probably a big reason that they have done so poorly in this pandemic, well that and their “freedom”.

”Natural immunity” has value but it is clear less value than immunizations. It has been shown though that having previously had COVID and then getting immunized works even better in stimulating an immune response.  On it’s own though it is half as effective as immunization, shorter acting and more variable in its degree of protection. 

If the goal is to keep children and their families healthy and in school/at work, immunizations are key.  None of us are safe until we are all safe really applies here. 

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