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Burroughs? Do we really need him?

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I have liked what I've seen from Burroughs. I don't think I like him as a top six option but I like him as a 7/8 option. 


Seems very low maintenance kind of player, just goes quietly about his business, skates well enough, is physical, and makes the simple pass you need. 

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I think the point at risk of being lost in all of this is how the REAL Burr thread started out with a guy challenging his merit.  Called himself Clutch but Burr actually was the one who owned that title.  And the fact that he went on to be such a dragon slaying member of the team who lasted a dozen YEARS here and contributed so much slammed that idea to the ground ice.  No flash in the pan, he was for real.  A true heart and soul team guy....the ironing was delicious.  An undrafted player who worked his butt off to make it but also added some flavour to the team, even if it meant taking a whole lot of heat and criticism.  He's truly one of a kind.


Big skates to fill with this thread. 


Pffffft, Reddit.  There is only one home for this legendary account of a player who went from zero to hero in many people's eyes.  Personally, I was on board with him from day one when he signed an autograph for my daughter and her BFF at the Super Skills back in 1892 or so.


I still can't hear "Burroughs" in the play by play without it just being.....weird.

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