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Van & Bos (proposal)

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Van: Garland, Rathbone & Hamonic   ...about 9 mill (would consider we retain a mill on Ham, if Bruins sweeten the picks return).


Bos: Brandon Carlo*, Jake DeBrusk, 2022 2nd r pick, maybe another*  ...7.75 mill(but JD off books at season-end)


*condition* would be a gp thing on Carlo. I believe he's had some concussions? Could change to a 1st, or consecutive 2nd's over 2 drafts.


Just a random idea for folks to blather'bout on a day sun-tanning. I'm not sure I'd go for this, but there are reasons both teams might take a 2nd glance.

Feel free to season this stew to taste!


In JR's case, I'd say he's prob the best player example where one could justify(for fam reasons) Van sending a talent back to a hated rival. If the Bruins really LOVE these two local guys, maybe they'd add a bit?


With DeBrusk you might get a dead-cat bounce. Perhaps flip him near TDL? We could maybe use another LW, but it's probably not too dire.


In the end, for the deal-in-the-desert with wacky PHX, we could wind up with a pretty swanky D-pair, locked-in, 6 yrs at 11.25 mill

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I don't see Boston doing this. Marchand and Bergeron are reaching their twilight years, and Carlo's also young enough to be part of the core that comes after, alongside Pasta and McAvoy. With McAvoy being McAvoy they don't need an unproven Rathbone, and while Hamonic is serviceable he's an aging asset. Young, talented NHL quality RD are tough to come by and the Bruins wouldn't have anyone to replace that, even if they did make the move. 


I simply don't see us moving Garland either, having just acquired him. 

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