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[GDT] Around the NHL | October (10-16) 2021

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As per the CBA:  

2021/22  14% if Preliminary HRR for the 2020/21 League Year equals or exceeds $3.3 Billion; 18% if Preliminary HRR for the 2020/21 League Year equals or is below $1.8 Billion; pro-rata rate in between $1.8 Billion and $3.3 Billion (e.g. Escrow Percentage of 16% if HRR is $2.55 Billion)


----   So revenue was 3 billion for escrow to be 17.2%.

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I just got my ESPN+.  For some reason I thought the Canucks were on tonight.  Then I went to the Lightning game that is on and then I saw their Stanley Cup banner, so I turned it off.  It brought back awful memories of the Canadiens losing.  So I will watch the Kraken game this evening.  Tomorrow it is the Canucks and the Canadiens.  Exciting! I like 3 teams in the NHL.  Go Canucks, Kraken, and Canadiens! 

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Just now, -DLC- said:

I hope both teams lose.

Well, I hope the Kraken wins and not Vegas.  But the thing is, I'm way more interested in the Canadiens and the Canucks games tomorrow.  It's all about heart heart heart when it comes to the Canadiens and the Canucks.  

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