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[GDT] Around the NHL | October (10-16) 2021

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Also should add habs will miss the playoffs. Not only do they suck, They are at best 10th out east. NYI, Tampa, Fla, Car, Caps, Bruins, Phi, Pitt, Leafs with possibly Nj and Ott jumping past them as well. 

Pens have always done well without crosby / Malkin. How, No effing idea but they somehow make it work. This could also be the year leafs really fall from the standings, Alot of strong east teams. Injuries could be the defining factor. Looking at you matthews. Lol at Ott up 3-0 in the first.


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1 hour ago, HomeBrew said:

They are definitely gunning for the 1OA this year icing that lineup. Jay Beagle at 1C and Ben Hutton in net. This can't go well. 

When they sneakily put Ben Hutton in net instead of Carter Hutton. They are definitely going for 1st OA. I hope they pick 3rd for their efforts :lol:

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14 minutes ago, Rindiculous said:

What is wrong with these Tampa Bay Lightning?  They’ve looked incredibly bad these two games.  Also congrats to Bertuzzi 

was thinking the same but in the last 10 min they tied the game! Can't count them out ever 

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