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Welcome to CDC Puck!

small.png Anaheim Ducks - @Jaku / @Azzy

small.png Arizona Coyotes - @thejazz97

small.png Boston Bruins - @Canuck Surfer

bufo.png.1bc6ba4cec5f0f3508b145364fc3756d.png Buffalo Sabres - @Master Mind

small.png Calgary Flames - @BarkovTheCat

small.png Carolina Hurricanes - @Stevooo

small.png Chicago Blackhawks - @Otis

small.png Colorado Avalanche - @Big-Country

small.png Columbus Blue Jackets - @BoKnows / @Alain Vigneault / @Blue Jay 22

small.png Dallas Stars - @Peachman32

small.png Detroit Red Wings - @Down by the River

small.png Edmonton Oilers - @Matthews

small.png Florida Panthers - @inane

small.png Los Angeles Kings - @Primal Optimist

small.png Minnesota Wild - @Baer.

small.png Montreal Canadiens - @AriGold

small.png Nashville Predators - @theo5789

small.png New Jersey Devils - @70seven

small.png New York Islanders - @Nail / @JE14

small.png New York Rangers - @Tylez

small.png Ottawa Senators - The Humming Bird

small.png Philadelphia Flyers - @Phil The Thrill

small.png Pittsburgh Penguins - @Patnat96

small.png San Jose Sharks - @pmalina

1218364031_FinalCopySeattle.png.39c040b9055fc347040b245579031b41.png Seattle Kraken - @Bombastik der Teutone

small.png St. Louis Blues - @Rush17

small.png Tampa Bay Lightning - @Nolan

small.png Toronto Maple Leafs - @canuckledraggin

small.png Vancouver Canucks - @Watermelons / @maroe

small.png Vegas Golden Knights - @wallstreetamigo

small.png Washington Capitals - @AJay

small.png Winnipeg Jets - @Art Vandelay

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League rules:




Roster Requirements

  • 23 Players under contract required on all team rosters at all times.
  • GMs will be required to ice a team of twelve forwards, six defensemen, and one goalie daily. The remaining players will be "benched" for that day.
  • GMs will be required to have at least two goalies on the main roster at all times.
  • The cutoff time for lineup changes will be one minute before each player’s NHL game that day.
  • GMs have the ability to set "future lineups" in Fantrax, according to the NHL schedule.
  • Limit of 50 total players under contract in AHL and NHL combined.
  • The NHL Salary Cap for 2021-22 is $81.5m. The Salary Cap floor for 2021-22 is $60.2m.
  • NHL Buyout rules apply - see below for more details.
  • Previously, if a team were to have a roster over the salary cap, their roster would be invalid and they would not accumulate points. For the 2019/2020 season and onwards, any team who is not cap compliant on day 1 of the regular season will have any NHL contract signing they have made, voided in reverse-chronological order until they are cap compliant. UFA's will be dropped to the open market, and RFA's will be put at $111,111,111 and will follow regular RFA guidelines. Any team will be allowed to negotiate contract terms with these players (within UFA and RFA guidelines), including the team who previously had them as long as they have moved enough salary out.



  • To move players to and from your NHL and AHL teams, use the Fantrax controls on your team page.
  • If waivers are required, please follow the waivers procedure outlined below.



  • To place a player on the IR, select the player on Fantrax, and move them to the red 'injured reserve' area.
  • Only players with a red flag next to their name are eligible to be placed on the Fantrax IR.
  • When a player that has been placed on the IR becomes healthy (no red flag beside name in Fantrax), the GM has two days remove them from the IR.
  • If two days have elapsed and the player is still on the IR after he is deemed healthy, the Commissioner team will activate the player, which may result in another player being waived to accommodate.


  • Teams will not be permitted to ice their players out of position.
  • Players listed as playing a position on one of the following sites that add to those Fantrax lists, may have those positions added: NHL, TSN, Sportsnet, Elite Prospects, HockeyDB, Yahoo. This rule is subject to change for the 2022-23 season.
  • Please send the relevant Commissioner Team a PM with a direct link for each players corresponding proof with "CDC Puck Player Positions" and your team name in the subject line.




How To Place a Player on Waivers

  • PM the relevant Commissioner that you want to place your player on waivers, with the intention of putting them on your minors team (If you simply state they are going on waivers it will be presumed you are placing them in the minors after they clear unless you state otherwise).
  • The waiver will then be posted in the league thread. After 48 hours, if no other team is interested in claiming them, they will stay on your minors team (to clear up room for your call ups your player will be placed on your minors team so you can bring up a replacement at the time of your posting).
  • Please indicate the player you intend to bring up, even though you can do it manually through Fantrax without a Commissioner. In the event that this is done before the daily roster movement cutoff, but a Commissioner hasn't made the change yet, we will need to know who to replace the moving player with when we backdate the transaction.
  • Priority order is reverse standings from the prior season; however, a successful waiver claim will put your team at the bottom of the priority list.

Waiver Eligibility

  • Skaters are eligible for waivers if they are at least 27 years old, or have played 125 games in the NHL are subject to waivers.
  • Goalies are eligible for waivers if they are at least 27 years old, or have played 80 games in the NHL.
  • Player waivers eligibility is re-evaluated each game by Fantrax. If you cannot move your player to the minors and could a few days earlier, most likely they reached 125 games or the age of 27.
  • Once a waiver-eligible player is put on waivers in the League Thread, the other teams have 48 hours to claim said player.
  • The waiver priority order is the reverse order of the standings. If a claimed player is waived within a week of their claiming, the team who originally waived them has first dibs on claiming said player.
  • If a player is claimed and then waived again within 24 Hours, the team who originally waived the player may retain them on their minors team without going through waivers provided no other team put in a claim other than the original claiming team.
  • Players claimed off waivers after the trade deadline may not play in that season's playoffs for any team except for the team whose roster they were on at the trade deadline.

Cap Circumvention

  • If a waiver-eligible player is demoted to their minor league affiliate, and has a contract over $1m, their team will have a cap penalty of the amount over $1m. (e.g. $2m contract demoted to AHL, $1m still on the books.)
  • Because the GM has the ability to recall these players without contacting commissioner, you must the relevant Commissioner to remove the cap penalty upon recalling the player to avoid an illegal roster or unfounded cap penalty against your team. 
  • The best method would be to let us move the player back to your team (and backdate the move if need be) so it is all done simultaneously, though you may choose to move the player and have us correct the cap hit later.

Remember To Balance Your Roster

  • If waiving a player leaves your team short a player and you do not specify in your waiver post in the league thread, which player you wish to bring up from the minors, your team will be illegal until you do this by your own action on Fantrax.
  • If you waive or claim a player, please indicate in your post and the message posted in your 'CDCP - YourTeam' private message thread who will be replacing that player on your roster and if they will be active or in the reserve. 




Signing an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA)

  • Send any UFA contract offers to the relevant Commissioner; keep your PMs professional, informing the agent of your plans for the player both in terms of term and remuneration, and the role the player is expected to be offered on your teams.
  • Contracts can be a maximum of 5 years.
  • No UFAs can sign between Trade Deadline Day and 1 July - no matter their league or free agent status.
  • Players playing in NCAA can only be signed between 1 July and 30 September, unless they are an existing draft pick of your team.
  • Players contracted to an overseas team but technically a UFA in NHL terms CANNOT be signed to a contract while under their overseas contract.
  • Players drafted through the CDCP Entry Draft and playing overseas can still be signed to contracts, as if they were playing in the OHL or any other league.
  • This will be known as the 'Shipachyov Rule' and means that unless you drafted an overseas player and signed him to a contract, you must wait until the player is a real-life free agent before making an offer.
  • UFAs will be able to be signed at any age, provided that 1) they have gone undrafted through two entry drafts, and 2) the time of their signing complies with the rest of the existing rules surrounding free agency, such as the Trade Deadline to July 1 UFA signing freeze, et cetera. This will apply to both North American and European+ Skaters. This means that you will be able to sign 18-year-olds, as long as they've gone through the draft once as a 17-year-old and again as an 18-year old.



Re-signings (UFAs and RFAs)

  • From 14 July 2018 to 31 December 2018, teams are permitted to discuss a new contract with two pending UFAs/RFAs
  • From 1 January 2019 to Trade Deadline Day 2019, teams are permitted to discuss terms with any remaining pending UFAs/RFAs
  • Not all players will wish to discuss contracts in-season; an inquiry made to a player will count towards your total discussions, so choose your offers wisely.
  • Player agents will act in the players' interests, not the teams'. Hometown discounts may be given, or excessive demands made.
  • It is up to each GM to manage their future cap situation and any GMs signing their team into future financial difficulties will be placed under intense scrutiny by the Commissioner team.


Signing your unsigned prospects

  • Between the end of the Stanley Cup Final and the puck dropping on Game 1 of the following season, your unsigned prospects can be signed at any time and added to your NHL roster.
  • From 28 February to the end of the Stanley Cup Final, you can sign your unsigned prospects; they cannot, however, play on your NHL roster during the season.
  • If you choose to negotiate with an unsigned prospect between 1 March 2021 and 1 April 2021, that will count as one of your two permitted contract negotiations.
  • Unsigned prospects drafted in 2019 will be released two nights before the 2021 draft if left unsigned.


Offer sheets

  • An offer sheet can be made to any RFA who remains unsigned by his current team.
  • If you decide to match an offer sheet made to one of your players, you CAN trade him - unlike in real life, where you cannot for one year after matching.
  • If you trade the player soon after matching an offer sheet, it will be counted as a sign-and-trade - which carries unspecific penalties when attempting to sign UFAs, as well as when negotiating with your existing UFAs/RFAs.
  • Compensation for offer sheets in the 2021 offseason:


For AAVs below $1.35654 million, there is no compensation

From that number to $2.055364, the price is one 3rd-round pick

From that number to $4.110732, its one 2nd

From that number $6.166096 its one 1st and one 3rd

From that number to $8.221463, it’s one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd

From that number to $10.276829, it is two 1sts, one 2nd and one 3rd

Over that number, it is four 1sts


Player Happiness

  • Player happiness will not be proactively mandated (player demanding a trade etc) in an effort to keep this league as free of Commissioner bias as possible. In the occasion of retaining your pending UFA, we may however dig deeper into the situation and use this variable in our decision to sign the player to your or another team's offer. If you offer $5m to your pending UFA star and another team offers $5m and is more likely to win the Stanley Cup, the player may well ask for more money or take the new team's contract.
  • We do not want this to turn into a popularity contest so there won't be too much interpretation and thinking on behalf of NHL players, but we will use some basic factors in re-signings that may border on player happiness.


Buyouts / Contract Terminations

  • If a player on your roster retires or signs overseas, his contract will be terminated at no penalty to the GM if so requested by the GM.
  • If you sign a player who is playing overseas, and they stay overseas, you are on the hook for that contract. We shall call this the Kovalchuk Rule. Sign Kovalchuk in summer 2018 to a 3 year, $6m AAV deal only to find he stays in the KHL? That cap hit stays on your books.
  • The rules for buyouts in CDCP are as follows:

    - The buyout window will be 00:01 on Saturday 21 July 2020 (PST) to 23:59 on Friday 14 September 2020 (PST).

    - Players must pass through waivers to be eligible for a buyout.

    - All buyout cap hits will be for double the term remaining on a contract (ie, 2 years for a 1 year contract, 6 years for a 3 year contract, etc).

    - Buyout costs are as follows: If player is under the age of 26 - 1/3 of the salary owed; if the player is 26 or over, 2/3 of the salary owed.

    - Example: Las Vegas waives 25 year-old Mark Stone (8 years remaining, $6.2m cap hit). He goes unclaimed (somehow). His buyout cap hit is for 16 years (8 years, doubled) at $1,033,333 per season ($49.6m salary owed; 1/3 is $16,533,333; $16,533,333 over 16 seasons is $1,033,333 per season). Cap saved per season is $5,166,667. Stone would then become a UFA.

  • Pending UFAs will be automatically removed after 10pm PST on 30 June 2020 if neither re-signed nor released before then.


RFA / UFA Status

  • An RFA is a player who is no longer considered to be entry-level, but does not qualify as an unrestricted free agent, becomes a restricted free agent when his contract expires. A player may only declare himself to be an unrestricted free agent if he is over the age of 27 or has played in the league for a minimum of 7 years.
  • ELC contracts can be for a maximum of three years for any player signing his ELC. ELCs will be automatically determined via draft position, as found in the CDC Puck Draft spreadsheet. Until a player is signed to an ELC, the salary will be listed at $999,999,999.
  • If an RFA is left unsigned throughout the summer, GMs will have until December 31st of the season to sign their player. The player will become a UFA if unsigned by the new year.




How to make a trade

  • Upon completion of trade negotiations with a fellow GM in this league, send the relevant Commissioner details of the trade.
  • Both GMs must sign off on the trade before it is valid. Trades processed after the day of the trade will be back dated accordingly.


Remember to balance your roster

  • If your trade leaves your team short a player (or with too many) and you do not specify in the submitted confirmation PM which player you wish to send down/bring up to/from the minors (and if they are to be placed on your active roster or reserve), your roster will be locked until you do this by your own action on Fantrax. 
  • If the trade requires a player to be waived or sent down, please indicate the player to be moved instead.


Trade Deadline

  • The Trade Deadline will mirror the real-life NHL date each year. The 2021 date is TBC, but will take place the weekend after the real-life NHL deadline.
  • Upon completion of the regular season in 2021 GMs may begin to make trades again, though they will not affect playoff rosters.


Sign-and-Trade Penalties

  • As mentioned under trades, if a GM trades a player which has been recently signed, there will be unspecific penalties when attempting to sign UFAs, as well as when negotiating with your existing UFAs/RFAs.
  • Renting (especially for playoffs) is unacceptable, and players who are acquired for playoff runs in CDC Puck are unable to be traded back to the team they were acquired from for roughly one year. Other situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, though no team should reacquire players sooner than 6-8 months after they traded them.


League information:


Commissioner Team:


thejazz97 - responsible for the annual CDCP Entry draft, player contracts, buyouts, Fantrax issues and general enquiries

Master Mind - responsible for trades and updating Fantrax, responsible for player positions and all of the above when we're out of commission. He makes the tea in the Commissioners' office now!

Azzy - responsible for waivers

Salter and Jaku - BOG members


League schedule:


October 12 2021: Season begins. Up to two player extensions available to teams.

December 31 2021: RFAs who are still unsigned will be removed from their respective teams' rosters.

January 1 2022: Teams can extend more than two players.

TBD Late March 2022: Trade Deadline

April 29 2022: scheduled last day of the season

May 2 2022: Playoffs begin

July 1 2022: Draft officially begins with timers

July 13 2022: FA Frenzy begins




Goal: 5
Assist: 4

Game-winning goal: 1

Overtime Goal: 1 (rule change to Overtime Point is pending)

Hat Trick: 3

Short-handed Point: 1

Plus/minus: 0.75/-0.75
Block: 1
Hit: 0.5

Fight: 3

SOG: 0.1

Win: 10

Overtime/Shootout loss: 5
Shut-out: 5

Assist: 4



  • CDC Puck follows the NHL playoff structure.
  • In the First Round, the division winner with the best record in each conference will be matched against the wild-card team with the lesser record; the wild card team with the better record will play the other division winner.
  • The teams finishing second and third in each division will meet in the First Round within the bracket headed by their respective division winners. First-round winners within each bracket play one another in the Second Round to determine the four participants in the Conference Finals.
  • The playoffs will be decided by the final point total of each team after that round is fully over. While it is a head to head playoff structure, series will not be decided by four days in a row of having more points that your opponent. Again, the team with more points at the end of the round wins. Points are then reset at the beginning of each new round.
  • Tie breakers will be as follows: 1st, the team with the most Goals+Assists; 2nd, the team with the most goals; 3rd, the higher seeded team.
  • There will be no waivers or minimum roster restrictions. Also, salary cap restrictions do not apply.


Optional Fantrax donation:


As it was in the first four seasons, this is a free league and we do not charge a fee to join. However, with a $100 cost for Fantrax, any GM wishing to offer a small 'donation' is very welcome to do so. Again, this would only be voluntary and is certainly not expected in any way. Please PM the Commissioner Team if you would like details. Some GMs have done this, and one unnamed individual paid for some specific colleagues - you know who you are Batman.



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Because It's The Cup - Welcome To The Playoffs!

Dylan Strome - Ryan Strome - Mitch Marner
Carter Verhaeghe  - Bo Horvat - Brock Boeser
Dominik Kubalik - Alex Kerfoot - Matt Duchene
Michael Rasmussen - Brett Howden - Nicolas Deslauriers
Steven Lorentz - John Hayden


Tyson Barrie - Duncan Keith
John Klingberg - Ryan Lindgren
Cody Ceci - Carson Soucy
Michael Del Zotto - Jordie Benn


Thatcher Demko
Vitek Vanacek

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Current Vegas Lineup






Lucic, Heinen*





Van Riemsdyk






Depth Guys

Frederic, Gregor, Neal, Lyubushkin


Call Ups

Krebs, Tomasino, Bjornfot, McLeod, Farrance

* = guys I added since taking over as GM

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                                                STL Blues Opening Night Roster


HD St Louis Blues Wallpapers And Photos Desktop Background

  Brady Tkachuk Nolan Patrick Gustav Nyquist  
  Zemgus Girgensons Drake Caggiula Colin White  
  Tyler Motte Ryan Carpenter Vasili Podkolzin  
  Josh Leivo Kyle Rau Brett Leason  
  Austin Czarnik Frans Nielsen    
  Thomas Chabot Rasmus Ristolainen    
  Erik Brannstrom Cale Fleury    
  Dennis Cholowski Madison Bowey    
  Kaapo Kahkonen      
  Aaron Dell      



Hopefully some good pieces hit the waiver wire. We need to replace a few spots.

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Starting Line Up;


C Sidney Crosby, JG Pageau, Paul Stastny, JT Compher

LW Jonathan Marchessault, Drew O'Connor,Mason Marchment, Michael Rafl

RW TJ Oshie, William Nylander, Josh Bailey, Keegan Kolesar


D Noah Dobson, Alex Pietrangelo, Ryan McDonagh, Brett Pesce, Zdeno Chara, David Savard  


G Mike Smith,, Tristan Jarry


Reserve Jordan Martinook, Yegor Chinakhov, Nick Holden  

IR Noel Acciari, Ben Bishop


1st callups; Cal Foote, Kristian Vesalainen, Timothy Liljegren



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LMAO Forgot Goalies
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San Jose Sharks





Letang - Weegar

Dumoulin - Čerňák

Skjei - Gudas

Kulikov - Holl


Toffoli - Erikson Ek - Burakovsky

Niederreiter - Kotkaniemi - Hagel

 Haula - Kampf - Coleman

 Eller - Backlund - Foligno




San Jose Barracuda




Feherváry - Byram

Kempný - Meloche

Riikola - Ahcan

Alexeyev - Struble

Tennyson - Fensore

Gordeev - Johansson


Zohorna - Kostin - Allison

Leason - Stephens - Jeník

Stevens - Růžička - Letunov








Kaiser - Kostenko

Jurmo - Powell

Ervasti - Millman


Coronato - Robins - Sourdif

Peterka - Stjernborg - Heineman

Groshev - Pashin





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The following players have been placed on waivers by their respective teams, by virtue of not being eligible to remain in the minors. Please let us know if anyone has been missed off the list, or incorrectly waived.


Interested teams have 24 hours to claim players and must PM @Azzyon CDC, not on Discord:


small.png Charles Hudon

small.png Karl Alzner

small.png Jesper Froden

small.png Denis Malgin

small.png Oscar Dansk

small.png Loui Player Name

small.png Jeff Skinner

small.png Stefan Matteau

small.png Martin Marincin

small.png Alex Galchenyuk

small.png Marcus Johansson

small.png Calle Rosen

small.png Jack Rodewald

small.png Dakota Mermis

small.png Nick Lappin

small.png Jean-Sebastien Dea

small.png Gerald Mayhew

small.png Antti Suomela

small.png Cory Schneider

small.png Kevin Connauton

small.png Libor Sulak

small.png Nikolai Prokhorkin

small.png Cody Eakin

small.png Gavin Bayreuther

small.png Ashton Sautner

small.png Collin Delia

small.png Devan Dubnyk

small.png Sam Anas

small.png Liam O'Brien

small.png Matt Benning

small.png Adam Wilcox

small.png Mason Jobst

small.png Jason Demers

small.png Matt Tennyson

small.png Alex Petrovic

small.png Nikita Tryamkin

small.png Johan Larsson

small.png Boo Nieves

small.png Martin Frk

small.png Dan Renouf




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Seattle Kraken Logo GIF - Seattle Kraken Logo Nhl - Discover & Share GIFs


CDCPuck 2021/22 Projected Seattle Kraken Opening Night Roster 


Joe Pavelski-Evgeny Kuznetsov-Pavel Buchnevich

Jakob Silfverberg-Janne Kuokkanen-Craig Smith

Ryan Donato-Evan Rodrigues-Christian Fischer

Richard Panik*-Isac Lundeström-Mathieu Olivier


Mark Giordano-Josh Manson

Matt Grzelcyk-Sean Walker

Juuso Valimaki-Danny DeKeyser

Marc Staal-Dylan Coghlan


Adin Hill

Joonas Korpisalo

Braden Holtby


IR: Mike Hoffman , Jakub Vrana , Colin Blackwell , Oskar Sundqvist , Jeffrey Viel


Minors Kraken


Cole Koepke-Brian Pinho-Brandon Duhaime

Simon Ryfors-Juuso Parssinen-Anthony Angello

Kirill Marchenko-Walker Duehr-Carson Meyer

Cole Smith - Maxim Sushko


Josh Mahura-Jake Walman

Kyle Burroughs-Seth Barton

Nathan Clurman -Santeri Hatakka

Zack Hayes


Jonas Johansson

Dereck Baribeau

Amir Miftakhov

Trent Miner


Unsigend Prospects: Dylan Guenther, Joshua Roy, Matthew Knies, William Stromgren, Olivier Nadeau, Vincent Iorio, Scott Morrow, Kiril Gerasimyuk

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The Kraken will be open to move Players when some of our injured Forwards return. Seattle will be also open to move one more Goalie and 1 or 2 Defenders.

We have some D Prospects that could make the Opening Night Roster , Barton and Hatakka for an example. Mahura could earn a regular Spot and we also have

Jake Wallman who is a supposed 7th/Depth Defender. 

Holtby would be the Goalie that would be OTB but his Contract could be an issue for other Teams. So may Korpisalo could be OTB .

We´ll take a look at all Players for 2-3 Weeks and may make decisions in November. 


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  • Master Mind changed the title to CDC Puck League

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