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3 hours ago, -DLC- said:

I appreciate this, I do.  My Mom was a diehard fan and passed away (too young) and never got to see that moment.


But it's all the ones in between that matter/you remember.  The cup is the icing on the cake and the destination.  But there's a helluva journey along the way so I've learned to just appreciate the ride and take in the scenery.  Maybe Mom's a big part of that for me - that I have so many fond memories of us that are related to this team.  My kids too.  Nothing will ever strip that away or diminish the value of it - it's part of our family history and I embrace it.


Sure, it sucks that we haven't had that moment of relief and satisfaction....just will make it that much sweeter when we do. 


I like your attitude...you accept it for what it is.  Many don't and they've soured and it's all negative.  They use the "can't" moments to erase all the ones where it was still glorious and fun to be part of it all.  Some are more intent on proving they're right in a negative stance than seeking out what's positive in it.  Life is what we make it and there's been some great hockey despite our team not (yet) getting to celebrate as champions.


Doesn't mean it has to be homerville (where Deb lives) or all roses and sunshine.  There have been valid concerns expressed....my point is more related to dwelling rather than moving past "failures or mistakes".  It's very freeing to be able to do so.  Face forward not backward because that's what optimism is for.

I actually still. "have the faith" after all these years and why I'm still a STH - which i've been for a very long time and will take that optimism to my grave whethet we win the SC or not, as I will never give up on this team - come hell or high water (which we've been thru a couple of times)

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23 hours ago, RogersTowell said:

If you can't be positive at the start of the season, your a critic, not a fan.


Sure, I can be vicious on JB if the OP topic is his total tenure talking about his past seasons.  Or Greens choices. But at the start of the season, its all positivity going forward.  What else is there?


I like the offence first style of team to watch vs. a shut down style that teams like the Wild and Devils are famous for.  Riskier, but way more entertaining. I'm counting on us scoring our way out of trouble this season, and Demko keeping us in the game long enough for us to do that.  But what would be worse is having to watch a team that sits back, plays in a tight box all night, and only springs into offence when the other team makes a mistake.


I like that Pettersson is fired up to erase last season as soon as possible.


I like that the baby Canucks are just down the road and all the options that opens up for the team


I like that we have a new coach to replace Brown.


I like that fans can go the game again. Even if only for what it brings to the atmosphere for the players.  I might even splurge on a game or two.


I like that when I see #21 I'm actually am excited to watch him.  ie... glad to be rid of all the dead weight.






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