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[GDT] Season Opener: Vancouver Canucks @ Edmonton Oilers | Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 @ 7:00pm PT | Sportsnet Pacific, SN650

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I'm not cheering against my team, but I really don't think we're winning this game.


Green doesn't have an answer to Edmonton's PP. Look for Vancouver to take some undisciplined penalties and we'll just see Green fuming on the bench.


3-0 Edmonton. I would love to be wrong.

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1 hour ago, bishopshodan said:



Now that makes sense. No wonder Smith was hurt... Podz isn't packing twig and berries..


He has stick and stones down there!


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6 minutes ago, fanfor42 said:

Every game I do this hopeful search through all the pages to find the Canucks lineup and lines before the puck drops. Sigh.  I could give some young people direction in their lives with all the time I waste doing this, lol.


So Vintage, is there any way we can create something for every other poor  CDC'er like me to have the opening roster and lines posted in some sort of pinned format for each game when it comes available?  Just asking for a friend..


And btw thank you thank you thank you for the amazing work you do every day.


someone posted the line-up dont remember how far back, but pretty sure they update it on first page. also might wanna @ vintage 

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4 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:


Half time right now

That's why I couldn’t find it. Wrong title for the channel, thanks! It’s on tomorrow too, so I’ll just watch it then. Been getting more into watching soccer lately, which I’m definitely not alone in doing given the ever growing popularity of the sport in Canada. Might end up becoming our 2nd national sport one day besides hockey.

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2 minutes ago, Furevanucks said:

I will take care of you heathens of CDCoriginal.png.0ba9ead36b9d5911c029e0523834729f.pnghockey-god.jpg.eeaa5d411461efecaeb9809756d4044a.jpg

Man, Bo aged quickly.....


(Although, tbh, looks more like JT)

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With Sutter out I really don’t see Hoglander being demoted to the 3rd line.  Green has already said he likes Miller as a Centre, and I don’t see the Hoglander - Horvat - Pearson being broken up for no reason.  

the top 3 lines as I see it will be 


Chiasson - Pettersson - Boeser or (Podkolzin) ??  Depending if Boes is injured

Hoglander - Horvat - Pearson 

Garland - Miller - Podkolzin (or Lockwood) 

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27 minutes ago, D.B Cooper said:

I was feeling great about the team before camp.  
Now seeing the lineup……. Damn.   Not great
It’s going to be a battle of a season to get near the playoffs.  

I kind of agree. I was totally stoked with the Benning acquisitions.


Then green did green and mixed and matched and played waiver players way too far into camp instead of getting regulars time to gel. I think I hate green now....years in the making.


Then Benning makes some weird decisions with waivers and a trade. But I give Benning much more leeway than green.


We shall see how it all works out.


I surely  hope if we start the season weak green gets kicked to the curb...(and kicked hard)!


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39 minutes ago, Amebushi said:

What’s everyone drinking?  I’m mixing up my usual as I bought the Pabst 100 pack. It might even last me for a couple games lol

Chocolate milk.

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42 minutes ago, tas said:

first goal: on the powerplay, horvat in his office from chiasson and miller. 

Unfortunately it will end up being the McDeebus and Dratface show.  Unless Green has a plan to somewhat neutralize them.  Oh wait....  Go Canucks!!!!



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