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[DEBATE] How many points will Petey score in the 2021-2022 NHL season?

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Elias Pettersson

How many points will Petey score in the 2021-2022 NHL season?  

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58 minutes ago, x00x said:

YOU ALL NUTS, 33 games and 17 points whoever put anything above 40points is nutty

Not suggesting this will happen, especially with games getting cancelled, but i re-call one HHOF who was natoriuosly slow out of the gate .... and by the end of the season leading or in the top ten for years.  

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Sadly we are seeing what happens when your non-physical, slower skating hockey player looks like when they meet tighter checking and lose a bit of confidence. We saw it with the Sedins and with LE. 

The exact reason why we should not be relying on these type of players come play off time. 

Its weird because I seen a lot more tenacity and drive in Petey in his first year. By now I would have expected that to be there still but with a more matured body to work with. He is getting knocked off the puck the same as he was in his first year. Did he not gain any muscle or strength since then?

He is handling the puck like its a hot potato right now and if he doesn't get any stronger or get a little tougher mentally, I am afraid things are going to get worse for Petey, unfortunately. 

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